Atrocious Youtubers Wiki CategoryAbout Categories Wiki Youtubers Atrocious. Affably Evil: Pure Evil villains are not genuinely polite or friendly to anyone. When he is walking he turns different types of green and blue. Ruby Rube is an English underaged YouTuber who joined on December 21, 2015. 2000s YouTubers‎ (25 P) 2010s YouTubers‎ (92 P). Rings are only decorative in free-to-play. This was the reason Atrocious YouTubers Wiki was shut down anyway. Some players believe the rise of big Roblox YouTubers from late 2015 onwards, which resulted in a huge influx of new users, led to the fall of the platform. About Categories Atrocious Wiki Youtubers. Latest activity [ ] Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Unofficial response (Please wait for an official response by Fandom Staff): To adopt a wiki, you need to be consistently editing for at least a week, keep editing there and after a week, contact wiki staff, an admin has also edited within the last 60 days. The Lost UTTP Pages from Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. HowToBasic is an Australian YouTube comedy channel that is part of the Fullscreen network, with over 17 million subscribers. It is much less powerful than mcuckslavia. He got arrested on April 11th shortly after. For this kind of villain, doing evil for them is as natural as breathing. Funtime Gav The Cartoon Fox/Wolf. Since 2016 he has gained further attention for live. He is also infamous for making sockpuppet accounts to boost his subcount and to beat the system, as well as stealing art from people without. Atrocious-youtubers-wiki-geeks-and-gamers. Search: Atrocious youtubers wiki geeks and gamers. PewDiePie Wiki; MrBeast Wiki; NigaHiga Wiki; Filthy Frank Wiki; Rhett & Link Wiki; Fine Bros Wiki; Game Theorists Wiki; Jelle's Marble Runs Wiki; Angry Grandpa Wiki. Atrocious YouTubers Wiki Rant/Why I am NOT atrocious. Revealed to actually be a hoax shortly after it was released. Awful YouTubers Wiki was abandoned, because the creator of the wiki, thought that nobody will give a shit about the said wiki, which as a result, many shitty pages and pages about YouTubers that actually good ended up plaguing the site. Here we talk about everything from excellent TV shows, to great web series, and even advertisements and celebrities. DSPGaming is a Mii in Wii Party U and Wii Sports Club. Atrocious Receptions Wiki; Atrocious YouTubers Wiki; H. Obviously, it would be practically impossible to give every single YouTuber in existence a separate article, since there are millions of other YouTubers elligible for a separate article, but we strive to document as many as we possibly and legally can, especially the more notable ones. On September 24, 2019, NTVM2005 made a new version of this wiki and named to Horrible Music Wiki due to that. About Youtubers Youtubers Atrocious Wiki. Controversy Destroying his son's PS4. My house Langauge: english Sex: Male Rating: 8 Category: Straight. It is heavily discouraged to visit the site, as it is now defunct and not up to quality. Atrocious Youtubers Miraheze | Internetwork Wiki | Fandom https://internetwork. These include Animation Lookback, a documentary-style show where AniMat gives interesting and note-worthy facts about animated movies by a certain studio, as well as that studios' history (which is. This is a list of categories that absolutely cannot apply to the Pure Evil villain. Search: Atrocious Youtubers Wiki Categories. Mulan is a 2020 American fantasy action drama film and is the live-action adaptation of Disney's traditionally-animated 1998 film of the same name. Why It Sucks SO HARD!!! It looks like it's a bullying site and it spreads hate against users. Drew Pickles Rants: Drake the Inhuman 731 views. He also deletes comments to hide truiths. They all looked deformed and sad. Welcome to the Best Shows & Episodes Wiki. This category is for characters that replace Skid & Pump and/or mods that give them a new look. According to internal data, his country of origin is North America. Ever since the dawn of time, perfection has been a way of everyone's life. ' its sister is Amazing Youtubers Miraheze. The 1000+ articles in wikiHow's Computers and Electronics category can help It is basically like the Bizarro world of Atrocious YouTubers, where either mediocre, bad, or just awful YouTubers in an another dimension is considered far superior than the normal one 1 History 2 Forms 2 Credit to BartekZioomPro for adding me on this Wiki Credit to. Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Glass Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Glass Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Glass This i 14 Inch Egg; 14 Inch Egg 14 Inch Egg Egg Stands for Hen Egg. The channel primarily features bizarre and destructive visual gags disguised as how-to tutorials. Atrocious youtubers wiki geeks and gamers. Atrocious Youtubers Wiki Youtubers Category for Page that passed advanced requirement and protected for admin only. Nothing needs to be said that isn't known. Search Angry German Kid on Amazon. Mat Brunet, better known as AniMat (born October 5, 1992) is a Canadian animation fan/critic from who makes several series on his YouTube channel and is the main protagonist of ElectricDragon505. Angry German Kid (also known as Keyboard Crasher, Unreal Tournament Kid, Echter Gangster, or Leopold Slikk) is a viral video made in 2005 by Norman Kochanowski in which he experiences intense frustration and anger as he attempts to play Unreal Tournament 2004 on his computer. This is a list of every YouTuber (with over 1,000 subscribers) that has an article available on Wikitubia. com/wiki/Atrocious_Youtubers_Miraheze. He is 19 years old and he was born on 12/04/95. Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can become the world’s greatest video blogger in history. Flippy: Full Metal! Friday at Treasure Island. This wiki is literally becoming Atrocious YouTubers Wiki 2. The Verdant Marshes is an area located in The Tularan Marsh on the planet Taris. East India Comedy · Epic Meal Time · Every Single Word · Everything Is Terrible! F. FANDOM communities consist of online encyclopedias. The podcast is streamed on his main channel and reuploaded onto his second channel , and not an episode has gone by without him, whereas Rags, Wolf, and Fringy have been absent. Funkin' Against The Anomalies/Carol Of The Crown. bobber, Cholo52 and CrayonBricks all decided to form it and together they created the IRA. Crappy Games Wiki covers games, game hardware, gaming companies and accessories with a clear reception of low average and below. View source History Talk (0) These Are All The Dr. by Nick sidaway123! Nigel West Dickens fan701 (Born 2006) is a British Youtuber who does Many rockstar related news videos. "Protecting One Phone at a Time" - Motto The Republic of the Holocord is a Militant Internet Organization destined to crusade against those who stand in the Holocord and their Allies' way, in other words, fight in Discord/YouTube Drama against Atrocious Users in the GoAnimate and Related Communities. WARNING: Videos of this PSA will not be uploaded to the wiki due to it's gory and violent imagery A gory and bloody PSA from Australia in 2014. The Worst Death Scene in Movie History 26 views. You have the crappiest of the crappy, the most broken and memetic. and that's how Atrocious YouTubers Wiki was born. It is basically like the Bizarro world of Atrocious YouTubers, where either mediocre, bad, or just awful YouTubers in an another dimension is considered far superior than the normal one. It is most often a negative wiki. Update: apparently not a rule change, the Atrocious YouTubers wiki was shut down because it was considered a failure. In Baseball, she is still at negative infinity, and she pitches 0. Mar 01, 2021 · Geeks + Gamers (Atrocious YouTubers Wiki) 28. This wiki was established in 2016 by Retrogamefan9000 on FANDOM, before it moved to Miraheze in September 2018. About Atrocious Wiki Youtubers Categories. This category is for articles about YouTubers. Thomas was built in the 1910s, Percy was built in the 1900s. He still continues to make GoAnimate/Vyond videos to this day. First, there are the gaming related videos, in which he does video game reviews, news, discussions, and rants. UTTP (UTubeTrollPolice) DrewPicklesIsSwell1957. Currently on the wiki, there are 3,812 articles, 8,566 files and 111,581 edits so far. The site is free of charge, but is for-profit and mainly derives that from advertising and selling content. Patrick Star (Disambiguation) Penultimate Destruction. The channel first gained popularity in 2013. YouTubers (except those that have a show like SuperMarioLogan) are no longer allowed on this wiki not only due to them clogging up the wiki, but also to avoid drama, expect a block for adding them. About Atrocious Youtubers Categories Wiki. Bad (or average) YouTube shows/channels/users who make shows. Sandboxes should also not be linked to categories as they messed up the categories and likely flood them, anyone who's still doing that will be blocked for 2 weeks without a warning. don't visit this scumbang of drama trash. DuchessTheSponge ( talk) 01:02, 28 August 2021 (UTC). 2021 — This is a REAL LIFE VILLAINS WIKI; it shouldn't have to be explained. Apr 08, 2009 · The YouTube Poop Wiki is a super swell wiki about Youtube Poop that anyone but You can edit!. The Orangist Wiki, also known as the Surreal Vandals Wiki, is a hate wiki created by Omnipotent gangster on September 2018. Seuss Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Why he sucks: His videos are just PowerPoint presentations. He is an Absolute Beginner Mii. FANDOM (Full name: FANDOM powered by Wikia), formerly known as Wikia and Wikicities, is a wiki hosting service that was launched on October 18, 2004 by Jimmy Wales (also known as the co-founder of Wikipedia) and Angela Beesley Starling. Thumbnails gave opportunities for people to give someone the topic of the video they’re watching. Reality bending korean animation comedy videos! Mind bending adventures for the whole family! Comedy Korean of the future. Vyond (pronounced as "beyond"; formerly known as GoAnimate (2013-2018) and Go!Animate before 2013) is used for drag-n-drop animation which is similar in fashion to PowerPoint. He is also one of the hosts of EFAP. I restored the YouTube Animations/Animators page for good and improved it. Sep 11, 2020 · How to Copy the YouTube Video Link. Obviously, it would be practically impossible to give every single YouTuber in existence a separate article, since there are millions of other YouTubers elligible for a separate article, but we strive to document as many as we. Atrocious Youtubers Wiki Category. About geeks youtubers wiki gamers Atrocious and. com Feb 28, 2021 · Anyone on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, Crappy Games Wiki, or Terrible TV Shows Wiki - Self-explanatory. Before I explain to you, I didn't mean to say that I was banned on that wiki because I lied. These YouTubers might also be controversial for other reasons as well. YouTubers who have long histories of repeated atrocious behavior and are completely incapable of dealing with trolls, hence showing many funny reactions that usually make them extremely infamous online. Pacsonic9000 ( talk) 23:52, 22 April 2021 (UTC) 2 things. Cristali, is a 20-year-old Guatemalan YouTuber who is an animator. Environment of Taris - (292,-74) A rock next to a tree, just off the path, before the entrance to The Sinking City. About Youtubers Wiki Categories Atrocious. Only gummy bears can distract him from his objective. The 26th animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon, it was directed by Burny Mattinson, David Michener, and the team of John Musker and Ron Clements, who later directed Disney's hit films: The Little Mermaid and. Any admin who deletes it will get demoted without any warning. Top Hat Gaming Man is a british retro gaming youtuber who makes videos on old games, is the console worth playing today videos, and other topics. It was directed by Niki Caro and written by Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Lauren Hynek, and Elizabeth Martin. If you need me, go on my social media or the WikiTubia and Encyclopedia SpongeBobia on FANDOM. FWMkraine is the most evil country in Mcuck's World. because of that, MiiFan2004 (now known as The One Stickman) founded Atrocious YouTubers Wiki of FANDOM in June 18, 2018. Jan 05, 2021 · Statist and Anarchist. It has a lot of serious profiles. TikToks: Would also clog up the wiki, plus it'd cause drama with whoever was involved in making these. Pages on this wiki should be supported by at least one reliable source for claims made in the article. Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can become the world's greatest video blogger in history. not) of living there most of my life and my parent's are from there…. The Category is about bad gameplay segments, bosses and levels from the cute cuddly little pink ball. Steven Kenneth Bonnell II (born December 12, 1988), known online as Destiny, is an American political commentator, former Twitch streamer, and YouTube personality. Rejected Evil/Near Pure Evil: A category to describe villains that aren't heinous enough or YouTuber and "film" maker who attempted to shut down at least two or Geeks and Gamers/The Fandom Menace. One, I've imported all the YouTuber pages from Awesome Games Wiki and Best Shows & Episodes Wiki to this wiki except The Angry Video Game Nerd and. About gamers Atrocious and wiki youtubers geeks. May 14, 2021 · PETA Urge the Offspring to Pull New Music Video ‘Exploiting’ Chimps. And most people avoid the FANDOM version due to the downfall of it. Vyond is a place that allows you to create "high quality animation", even though these guys keep creating low quality stuff like grounded videos and punishment day videos. Well, I, DoritoFan80, have a solution. Chicha Buttered Side Down (치차 버터 사이드 다운) is a YouTube channel of an Korean webseries created by DaiamondoRobotto 2. Ever since the dawn of time, perfection has been a way of everyone’s life. svg Wikipedia · occupation · internet celebrity . Any other information: Even though I was already an admin on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, I've been on Awful YouTubers Wiki much longer. When Atrocious YouTubers Wiki and other controversial user wikis have disappeared, they claimed that there's going to be a rebrand. mrtyesvideos is one of the many good users that makes dead meat videos, not to mention he has a Character Elimination show with 12 seasons! Happy Tree Friends Skylanders Battle for Dream Island Inanimate Insanity Object Overload Super Smash Bros Smosh babies Smosh Minecraft My Little Pony Behavior Card Day Videos Winnie the Pooh Disney Family Guy Transformers (possible if SKyTFYesGCSBSCNo. Afterwards did game development for Sanrio Co. About Wiki Atrocious Youtubers Youtubers. I think User:EezyCheezy used to be an owner of Awful YouTubers Wiki, but now the unregistered users "owned" the wiki. They originated when Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki (at the time known as Terrible TV Shows Wiki) was clogged with pages about YouTubers back in 2018. Anyone who comes after him is dead meat! Role: Attacker/Tank Lui Calibre, one of the many YouTubers who got their avatar into the Monster Legends universe. Wikimedia Commons has media related to YouTubers. The art, animation, and even the Rule 34 community hate him for being accused of tracing art without giving credit to the original artists, pedophilic acts towards girls under 18, and making a profit off of stolen artwork. Any YouTubers - Same as Roblox and mod and should be on this wiki instead. He is also infamous for engaging in explicit chats with females, which has earned him the title of a pervert by many. A complete monster is a villain who is Pure Evil, completely atrocious and irredeemable. Category:YouTubers ; Upload media. Ugh, Loathsome Characters Wiki is definitely the worst Wiki from Miraheze along with Atrocious Deviants wiki and Atrocious Youtubers wiki. The Iron Giant (9 10) Movie CLIP - Superman (1999) HD. I did my time and I want out, so abusive Fate, it doesn't cut, the soul is not so vibrant The reckoning, the sickening Back at you, subversion, psuedo-sacrosant perversion Go tell your classes, go dig you graves Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save Sinking in, getting smaller again Undone, it has begun, I'm not the only one. or… Roblox Youtuber Corl insulting 17-year-old on Twitter. As a solution, EezyCheezy created Awful Youtubers Wiki, which was the precursor to Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. MaximilianMus will most likely never voice Reximus again, and his voice will most. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Try to be creative with an image's caption. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham) is an American television animated buddy comedy television series on Netflix which has been first released on November 8, 2019, based on 1960 children's book of the same name by Dr. Then came Jay, making Arifmetix. It started with the usual intro, but when Jay landed, it cut to static. Colossal Waddle Dee (Team Kirby Clash and Super Kirby Clash) D. He was among the first people to stream video games online full-time and received attention as a pioneer of the industry. Gaming deals, prizes and latest news. David Alejandro Pascual Argueta (born January 7, 1998) is a 23-year-old Guatemalan creator of the Youtube channel called Jade (formerly called Shantaly Shy, Valdroxx Studios, Cristali & Zafiro Toons, Cristali & Zafiro, or Cristali) who featured notable characters such as Zafiro, Cristali, Jade, and V. While Failboat and Hackerling we're playing Splatoon 2 league battles with me, we randomly came across some very unusual wiki pages written . Seuss Characters! Trending pages. In Tennis, her skill is negative infinity because she poops in her diaper instead of plays, and plays with a duplicate of herself. View source History Talk (0) Characters that replace Zardy in their mod. Some of these YouTubers end up getting their YouTube channels terminated for a violation of policies and. She is known infamous for making clickbait videos similar to other clickbaiters like N&A, Elisocray, and Durv. He is infamous in the animation meme community for tracing other people's art for profitable. Any type of hardware: Even though they are crucial components of consoles, they have nothing to do with gaming in general, and they don't exactly affect the game all that much. MaximilianMus will most likely never voice Reximus again, and his. Waypoint Station Morne can be found in this area. It revealed Jay crying and saying his usual line, One. This category has the following 67 subcategories, out of 67 total. He is atrocious in all Sports he plays as a CPU, all at Level 1. Here we talk about everything from the worst television shows, to the worst web series to horrible TV advertisements to terrible moments in entertainment history. About Atrocious Youtubers Youtubers Wiki. 17:17, 23 September 2020 1 year ago. Formed on january 10th, 2017 by flexibleasshole, Blue Cuck and mocker. For ideas, see this blog post and DeepFreeze. There are admins that look like terrible people. Ethan Patrick Davis is a American user who specializes in grounded videos. While a great deal of films have at least the enjoyment that anyone can have, there are some awful or average animated movies that are often criticized for horrible animation and even overuse of CG. Some of these categories either stands as a redeeming quality or simply cannot be applied to the Pure Evil villain. He was once a great fighter who took part in the Ultimate Wars, but his pride and greed got the better of him. FWMkraine, country formed by Flexiblebanjo. The podcast is streamed on his main channel and reuploaded onto his second channel, and not an episode has gone by without him, whereas Rags, Wolf, and Fringy have been absent. He's a member of The Gree Team that has power to kidnap The Geo Team so he can make some fake VHS openings for Youtube. Categories Categories That Cannot Apply. Anarcadia was formed due to political unrest in Pissland, and a lot of other reasons. Also, don't add categories to your sandbox. (Devin The YouTuber reupload) 269 views. The True Organization is founded and led by OfficerMidnightChopper since March 2, 2020. Terrible TV Shows Miraheze is Miraheze Website that Criticize about Terrible TV Shows not only TV Shows but general topic like Prank Videos or Toy Channel Welcome to the Terrible TV Shows Wiki. Las Generaciones de las Consolas (Cap. Horrible Music and Songs Wiki is a reception wiki and questionably founded by LambdaLegend on August 29, 2017. About Wiki Categories Youtubers Atrocious Steven Kenneth Bonnell II (born December 12, 1988), known online as Destiny, is an American Twitch streamer, political commentator, and YouTube personality. Atrocious Youtubers (Miraheze) was a Miraheze website that criticized bad to atrocious YouTubers such as Peluchin Entertainment. People in it are FWM fans (scary wtff!!!!!!!) most of them are mcuck disrespectors and war criminals. For the best of these visit the sister. About Wiki Youtubers Youtubers Atrocious. The Atrocious Crystal Beast is a skin for the Monolith Event. Same goes to his new channel he joined likely 7th July of 2020. 00000000000000000000005 MPH, and when fielding, poops in her diaper and changes the diaper of her. This category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total. Drew, TruTV's Most Shocking, Rude Tube, and MTV's Pranked. It's a dark teal Atrocity with no eyes and his right arm replaced with a bunch of big crystals. In general, Roblox YouTubers are a common point of criticism and controversy. they can be recognized on the following criteria: Crossing the MEH: They commit acts that are atrocious by the standards of the story, and have crossed the Moral Event Horizon. Pages in this category should be moved to subcategories where . Her overall skill level is negative infinity. The animation industry has become a huge entertainment and media powerhouse for as long as any animation enthusiastic has been alive. The wiki is designed to help inform the world as a whole on the actions of extreme criminals, such as serial-killers, mass murderers, terrorists and dictators - as such it is a rather controversial wiki and users must abide by our policies : this wiki deals with sensitive information and our goal is not to offend but to try and show that while there are no true "heroes" or "villains" in the. Aug 21, 2020 — The existence of this "Atrocious YouTubers Wiki" aggravates me. The video became a cultural embodiment of computer rage, and is the subject of. Anarcadia is a nation formed in 2021 by bobber, it is inhabited mostly by ROBLOXians and Floppas. Consists of 12 cities, currently has 50k+ people living in it. This is for you, Atrocious Youtubers Wiki. Friday Night Funkin' Minus Funkipedia Mods Wiki is a. DESCRIPTION: The PSA opens up with some kids sneaking out of a classroom window, and climbing into one of their friend's volkswagen van, while two teachers yell at them as they escape. But, then particular thumbnails are used to fool people. He functions as a decent early game Tank with access to a lot of Taunts, some Shielding, and even some other neat effects like. Controversial YouTubers are YouTubers that have been accused of and/or exposed for engaging in predatory, disturbing, and/or criminal behavior as well as those who have been accused of such acts, but were later debunked. He (formerly) voiced Reximus from the Killer Bean series. Thumbnails gave opportunities for people to give someone the topic of the video they're watching. From Wretched YouTube Videos Wiki. This category has TV shows, seasons of TV shows, or episodes of TV shows that are filled with characters that are acting so despicable and nasty and can do nothing except do as much horrible things they want to each other that it is actually mean-spirited. Certain other Roblox YouTubers are criticized for many reasons, such as trolling, clickbaiting, scamming, publishing inappropriate content, and attacking other. YouTube videos: To prevent clogging up the wiki. MaximilianMus is a Swedish Gaming YouTuber. Atrocious Youtubers Miraheze was a Miraheze website that criticize about bad to atrocious YouTuber such as Peluchin It was launched in 2017 or 2018. What on earth happened to atrocious youtubers wiki? 1 vote, 0 comments. Mainspace pages should be written decently and cleanly, with minimal. Sexy Clickbait He is opinionaded (and lemonaded). Atrocious youtubers wiki geeks and gamers Atrocious youtubers wiki geeks and gamersShows. MauLer, also known as " The Long Man ," is a YouTuber whose videos mainly deal with criticism of film, television and video games. Top 10 Saddest Cartoon Movie Moments. Any user or channel: Same as YouTube videos, to prevent clogging up the wiki. Heck, he didn't even say anything, just tears. The world's most popular video site. not) of living there most of my life and my parent’s are from there…. Any upcoming game or console - Wait until it gets released. [20] Operation Salvage [20] Disease on a Distant World Republic Medical Droid Pirate Captain Pirate Chopper Pirate. His channel sucks & he must die. The creator of the videos does not speak or show his face, and remains anonymous. He sole some footage from someone else (and palm something sometimes). First you join the map (which. Search: Atrocious Youtubers Wiki Youtubers. com is a successful YouTube channel with hundreds of millions of combined views over top ten lists. Then, people on YouTube made videos for perfection. Funkipedia Mods Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A blue crystal covers the 3rd hole in his body and a Pink crystal is in his armpits. Kyle Lamar Myers (Born May 9, 1986) and Keith Ratliff (February 7, 1980 - January 6, 2013 [aged 32]), better known online as FPSRussia, was a popular American YouTuber whose videos largely consist of firearms and explosives destroying various objects. About Youtubers Atrocious Wiki Youtubers. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game, and to acquire special items and gear. Pages in category "Kirby" The following 17 pages are in this category, out of 17 total. We're here to 50cc Moped Tuning; 50cc Moped Tuning. How he is atrocious Claiming that he joined on July 2, 2013 while actual date can shown up, While his date is April 28th of 2017. Friday Night Funkin' Smoke Em Out Struggle: The Return of Garcello. No character from the Great Characters Wiki is allowed to have their page on this wiki without discussing it with us. Usually you can find cat videos, YouTube Poops, generic pop videos with hundreds of millions of views, overzealous copyrights, contents, comment sections that make you question humanity, and livestreams you name it. Apr 08, 2009 · The YouTube Poop Wiki is a super swell wiki about Youtube Poop that anyone but You can edit! We have had 216,691 edits on. This wiki along with Amazing Twitter Users Wiki and the Roblox reception wikis are no longer afflicted with Qualitipedia due to the recent drama with me, I'll still be on this wiki but not that much. This ultimately led him to commit the heinous crime of attempting to steal the Plasma Spark. One, I've imported all the YouTuber pages from Awesome Games Wiki and Best Shows & Episodes . Devin Bonchano UTTP THDTC TSPL/Fallout Fanatic 2007 The Crybaby Manchild. Every single Atrocious Youtubers Wiki page. Cocky, abrasive, egotistic, condescending, insufferable, lazy, hardheaded, ungrateful and disrespectful He is classified as Middle in Miitopia. Attention all 8-year olds who hate UTTP users, you probably heard you can't make a page about them on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki anymore. Warren Hads Wins: 20 And Loses: 92. Top 10 Most Violent Video Games. His channel description: I LIKE ROCK MUSIC! I HATE PEOPLE BECAUSE ALAN SMITH STOLEN MY PS2 BEACUSE HE WANTS TO TURN IT INTO A PENIS AND IF YOU HATE ME! YOU'RE AUTOMATICALLY ALAN SMITH ASSHOLE PS2 WILL TURN INTO A. In late February 2021, moistcr1tikal uploaded a video exposing MaximilianMus for some of the atrocious things he has done, such as extreme harassment of other youtubers, encouraging and sharing cp, and much more. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hilarious arts and crafts, do it yourself projects! This channel has made by DaiamondoRobotto also his subscribers are commenters are. It is how Buhdeuce goes berserks and becomes a furious and atrocious beast, destroying the Duck Town. It was launched in 2017 or 2018, and closed in 2020. Don't get fooled by his squeaky voice, he's a hard hitter. From Atrocious Gameplay Wiki Jump to navigation Jump to search Welcome to this category, where it will show every bad section (such as bosses, levels, dungeons, game segments, items, power-ups, weapons and enemies) that belongs from games that where made, or had Nintendo involved in them. I'm not on it but its an open Wiki, meaning that anyone can make a page on it, Atrocious youtubers wiki geeks and gamers. The Fun Begins was Warren Cook's first appearance. Because the wiki was just created on June 18, it is not eligible for adoption. They take the form [[Category:Categoryname]], and should be named in the same fashion as articles. These controversial channels commonly (But not always) use content that isn't appropiate for kids. Anyone on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, Crappy Games Wiki, or Terrible TV Shows Wiki - Self-explanatory. Ultraman Belial (ウルトラマンベリアル Urutoraman Beriaru) is an evil Ultraman from the Land of Light, who is best known as Ultraman Zero's arch enemy and the father of Ultraman Geed. MauLer, also known as "The Long Man," is a YouTuber whose videos mainly deal with criticism of film, television and video games. 6i, ic, dk, gux, x8, wg, qqw, 7b, 5tx, nke, ag, ib, s3r, pka, oes, ut, hfs, 11, mxj, 0em, new, p2, go, u83, 3l, dkn, ng, 8s, kk, tem, rg, fc, su6, 5e, 9ni, gms, j0, rv, j7, vo, 7k