Claw Scope MountsThe mounting platform provides the A. Due to its glass fibre reinforced polymer construction, this rugged and high quality item will serve you in any combat situation. 50 cal, Air Venturi Broadhead Wrench, a. Universal rail to accept both STANAG and dovetail fastenings, for both day optics, and lasers, as required. I took the rifle and scope to several gun dealers around here (Upstate NY) they all loved the gun and scope but would not deal without the rings. I have purchased a JP Sauer 3000 Drilling in 12ga x 12ga x 30-06 and I am looking to put a scope on it. Customers who bought this also purchased Parts and accessories may not be compatible with the product displayed on this page. Arrives by Wed, May 4 Buy MP5 GSG-5 Claw Scope Mount, By TACBRO from USA at Walmart. You know when you buy a H&K part or accessory, that you are getting the highest quality materials and assembly available. Currently 5/5 Stars (2) Description: Designed specifically for MFI HK Low Profile Scope Mounts / Top Rails. Fittings designed to attach a telescopic sight to a firearm---normally a rifle. 308|Rifle Accessories|Scope Mounts. The front of the scope is fitted with a hook-shaped tentacle which is inserted into a slot in a fixed front scope base. The AIM Sports MP5/H&K Scope Mount is 5" length of Picatinny rail that mounds directly to the top of the receiver on MP5 and H&K G3 rifles. LeArms offering original style claw mounts and scope mounts sweated on the scope tube. TRIROCK 20mm Picatinny Weaver Rail Scope Mount Adapter Claw with 11 Slots for MP5 GSG5 G3 Rail Bracket Clip Full Construction of Metal, made of High Quality Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy. The Ziegler ZP Claw Mount is quickly removed and attached in seconds, it has guaranteed repeatable zero, plus has the option to use multiple scopes on one rifle . bg 2 piece mount system for ab3 intermediate hgt matte $ 56. Some of the claw mounts on the front base have an additional base . We stock an extensive selection. Rare unusual diameter ca 32 mm rings German double claw mount sight sniper scope. Ncstar MDMP5 H&K Style Low Profile MP5, MK5, M5 Claw Mount Universal Picatinny Scope Mount fits most MP5, G3, GSG-5 H&K rifles. It is for a 30mm tube but comes with 1" inserts. Buy discount UTG SCOPE MOUNT HK CLAW MOUNT PICATINNY - 4712274524057 from Get Your Guns America and many more quality products in Firearm Optics online. This Claw scope mount adds a picatinny rail for you to accessorize your GSG5 with any standard optic with picatinny rail adapters. com : GOTICAL Claw Scope Mount for MP5 MK5 HK G3 GSG5-Hunting Rifle Weaver Rails - Heavy Duty Sight Scope Mounts( Metal) (Black) : Sports & Outdoors. Fits Remington 870 Shotgun 12 Ga. Receiver marked with eagle over "77" on right side of receiver band. • Fits Remington 870 Shotgun 12 Ga. The mark of a crown and under it HTK is the mark of the Army Material Command formerly the Army Technical Corps (Danish: Hærens Tekniske Korps), formed in 1909. Mount Accepts all varieties of scope, tactical flashlight and laser. ARMS Claw Mount For HK 90 Series Rifles - New - Shorty. Recknagel Picatinny/Weaver rail for German Claw Mount $229. In other words - a chance of about 1 in 3 that your set is screwed. Available as roll-off, block and pivot mounts. UTG MP5 Steel Claw Mount with STANAG to Picatinny Adaptor. Built of durable aircraft grade aluminum, the AIM Sports Claw Scope Mount is easy to mount and accepts all Weaver & Picatinny accessories. Pick it up today to add to your Heckler & Koch HK41, 91 or G3 Rifle. Easy to fit – takes just a few minutes to mount on rifles or pistols. made clone receivers have incorrectly shaped scope mount tabs (Century for example) or incorrectly positioned rear. I just bought a nice Mauser-action 9x57 rifle of high quality that had a claw-mount scope system. It is in great shape showing a few light handling marks. Double Claw Sniper Scope Mount German K98 Mauser. Ask a question about this product. Claw Mounts- A quick-detachable scope mounting system, popular in Germany and Austria. The scope measures 11"28cm) in length. The HK STANAG Claw Mount sets the standard that all other mounts must live up to. The question Is should I go with more traditional Claw mounts or the newer pivot mounts?(and why?) Also does anyone have an idea of what. What is a source to buy claw mount rings to file for my DR? I want to go go head and file my own claw mount scope rings. Which do you all find to be the best at returning the scope to proper. • 14 Picatinny Slots on Top For Scope Applications. The HK claw mounts are best used with the 4x henseldt scope. Low Profile with See-thru Feature and V-cut . Great for attaching red dot sights and other optics. The inserts allow use of 1" tube scopes and hold the scope without damaging the scope tube. It is in great shape all around with no major damage to note — no deep cuts, gouges, rust, or deformations. 【LCT Airsoft】LCT LC-3 airsoft can be installed the “Hensoldt Scope with STANAG claw mount. The convenient claw design mounts to your shotgun's . They're solid, and return to zero every time if properly fitted. May work on airsoft or the like, but not the real deal. We are the largest supplier of Heckler & Koch gun parts, both new and used, with the highest quality around. These scope rings and mounts are easy to install on your rifle to expand the firearm's capabilities. Looking for MP5 or SP5 scope mounts, claw mounts, or optic mounts? We keep in-stock low, short-style scope mounts, railed scope mounts, and genuine German HK MLI scope mounts. It will fit the HK91, HK93, HK94, G3, SR9, MP5 etc. Once scope assemblies were fitted to a rifle the rifle serial number was engraved on the left side of the scope tube. 56mm , tryed to mount on one of my HK93's (1977) would not mount. Approx 22 pieces of bases / risers. Sleek body and universal design allows you to flip the scope mount in either direction without blocking the ejection port. Learn more about our extensive product range, trusted by our customers in over 40 countries. The lenses are also clear without any scratches. 00 Compare Recknagel Mount for Docter sight / Zeiss Compact-Point, German Claw mount $99. The German claw mount is possibly the finest detachable scope mount ever created and if you already have a set of operable bases on your gun then you have . Product Info for Tacfire Gsg5 Claw Scope Mount. Danish military surplus Hensoldt Wetzlar Z24 scope x4 magnification with G3 claw mount made by Tokyo Marui Japan. Made from Aircraft Aluminum with Matte Black Finish. The scopes overall size and configuration will dictate where the bases go. The nature of claw mounting systems require a large amount of custom fitting of the scope rings and bases to one another. AUG Modular Scope Mount Black, Clawgear's modular mounting system products are designed to increase weapon performance and accuracy. 00 Compare EAW Adapter for claw mount, Docter-Sight $79. Vintage German Hensoldt Wetzlar Diatal-D 6x42 Sniper Rifle Scope wh Claw Mount. 8 out of 5 stars 93 ratings $11. 3 AIM Sports Inc AK Optics QD Side Mount - Model: MKQSM - Most Versatile AK Scope Mount. G-3 locks solidly to the upper receiver of the rail while allowing use of the iron sights. The European style claw type scope mounts have been popular there for generations. But the stanag setup allows use if irons do to see thru underneath. Suhl Claw mounts were the most common form of detachable / repeatable mounts on European rifles before the modern pivot mounts emerged on the market. Seneca Dragon Claw Ultimate Hunters C Price $949. Designed to fit Warne's Skyline Precision Bipod, the feet articulate to accommodate different leg angles to maximize contact on uneven terrain. Well, I really hope this collection can find a good home. It has claw mount bases at the rear of the receiver and on the barrel just front of the reciver. ) This rifle belongs to a friend. Recknagel Mount for Docter sight / Zeiss Compact-Point, German Claw mount $99. This mount adds a scope mount base on top of your MP5 / G3 allowing . It works perfect with a very clear view. This Low Profile design for covert and discreet shooting environments. Only 48,819 of these firearms made it to the USA before being banned by a. New England Custom Guns,has mount parts from Recknagle and maybe Ernst Apel Wuerzburg (EAW). THIS PRODUCT IS MADE IN THE USA. 98" on left side of receiver with usual eagle proofs on bbl and receiver band. An illustration of the Columbus Mount from a Burgsmüller Catalog From the 1952 edition of the Waffen Lexikon by Richard Mahrholdt. MFI HK Low Mount Steel Hook / Leg / Claw. German double claw mount dienstglas sniper scope K98 Deutsche Schnäppermontage $190. Designed specifically to fit the HK91 / PTR91 / HK G3 / JLD (. Home » Shop » HK91, G3 CETME 308, PTR 91, G3K, C308, PTR PDW » HK 91, HK G3 - Scope Mounts, Rails, Optics. Designed To Fit Warnes Skyline Precision Bipod, The Feet Articulate To Accommodate Different Leg Angles To Maximize Contact On uneven Terrain. As a specialist in precision mechanics, we stand for quality, innovation, variety and service. 00 Compare Recknagel Rear Ring with Windage Adjustment for Suhl-Claw Mount, 25. • Two Locking Bolts Included for Replacing the Original Trigger Pins. Claw Mount for Red Dot or Scope, fits GSG-5,MP5,HK G3,Aluminum Anodized Gold. Claw Mounts - A quick-detachable scope mounting system, popular in Germany and Austria. They have quite a bit of nice case color left. AIM MP5 / G3 High Profile Claw Scope Scope Mount Base with Side Rail $30. UTG SCOPE MOUNT HK CLAW MOUNT PICATINNY. I then took a bunch of measurements and using those bought a couple of pairs of claw mount scope rings from Ebay Germany. Low Profile Bi-Direction Claw Mount for G3 / MP5 / H&K Series Rifles by UTG $17. Claw scope mounts fitting on hunting guns. I purchased a nice 4x Zeiss Jena rail undermount scope from Luv2Safari that he was kind enough to sell me. High quality Elite Force product. Silver Remington 700, 722, 40x, Ultimate Muzzleloader, Bergara B14 Short Action Picatinny Rail 15 MOA SKU:40011 From. In my experience with claw mounts ARMS and Orginal German fitting on early PTR91 and HK91 (1976). Silver Remington 700, 722, 40x, Ultimate Muzzleloader, Bergara B14 Short Action Picatinny Rail 20 MOA SKU:40012 From. Re: Double claw scope mounts Looks like I am going to need lot's of luck finding what I need. I decided to purchase one and just try it out before drilling and tapping holes. It appears to be a variation of the claw mount with the claws entering the side of a top rib. Fixed mounts, swing mounts Recknagel, EAW Ernst Appel, HMS; lateral mounts . The rear of the scope is fitted with another set of hook-shaped tentacles. Aim Sports have designed this AK scope mount with flexibility of fitment in mind. Heckler & Koch SG1 Claw Scope Mount, Factory Original, w/1" Inserts, **NO RESERVE** This is an Heckler & Koch factory SG1 quick detach claw mount. This scope is in very good condition with all lens caps in tact. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. This item: New Tactical MP5 H&K GSG-5 Claw Scope Mount. The "Columbus" mounting system (no. Most older drillings & combination guns have claw bases already installed. • Made from Aircraft Aluminum with Matte Black Finish. FREE Shipping on orders over $25. It looks to me to be an original BNZ43 Concentration Camp made SSZZA2 double claw mount sniper rifle. German claw mount parts, raw. MOUNTS & ACCESSORIES; MOUNTS; Scope Claw Mount - GSG-5, MP5; Scope Claw Mount - GSG-5, MP5. Bear Claw Gunworks, LLC is a premium maker for rifle scopes, optics, mounting solutions, and other accessories used for guns like rifles and long guns. Warne® Skyline™ Claw feet give you the additional flotation needed for stable shooting on loose or loamy surfaces where ordinary feet would sink in. A perfect reproduction of a double claw mount. 89 pieces I can put my hands on. The Germans refer to them as "Suhler Einhakmontage" or simply (SEM) mounts. Also original style with lug at the top so scope can be adjusted for full eye-relieve. The scope is a trijicon 1-4x that I already own. The MP Hi-Pro Claw Scope mount is ready for install and compatible with most MP5 and HK G3 style firearms. HK Claw Scope Mount MP5 G3 SWAN USA HB MA. II H&K Stanag Steel Claw Mount COMES COMPLETE WITH PICATINNY RAIL. This heavy duty steel unit features integral 30mm rings but also comes with 1" plastic inserts for 1" diameter scope tubes. Rings fit to existing bases on the Mannlicher-Schoenauer run on average $875. Had never used a claw mount before. They are, in my mind, the best mounting system for a drilling or combination gun. So the front section and rear sections of the scope tube were separate and held together by the adjustment turret. This type of mounts were mainly used in central Europe and especially dominated in Germany and Austria. Choosing a MP5 Claw Mount HK MP5 Claw Mounts are used for getting the lowest profile of any HK scope mount currently in the market. Claw mounts Frequently, fans of traditional firearms prefer this classic type of mount. Free Shipping! Quantity on Hand: 0. AZ allows a shooter to instantly change a weapon's sighting system to meet changing circumstances. If you want the best HK style scope mount; this is it! The HK claw mount works on all HK rifles and any clone with an in-spec receiver. Looking for claw mount rings to fit existing bases on fine old rifle (see pic. However, using a Orginal German surplus claw mount scope that I changed the cam turret to 5. Outfit your Remintgon® 870 for a scope, red-dot sight or other optic with the UTG® Shotgun Claw Mount. Mikus's Review of NcSTAR MP5/HK Claw Scope Mount / Gen2. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Live Chat Help Center Check Order Status About Us Policies Reviews How To. The rear ring attaches with a clamp, often but not always spring-loaded, so the scope can be quickly detached. Our Guarantee: We offer 30-day money back and full 12-month warranty on all scopes and mounts sold. Simple low-profile metal scope mount that fits on most of the MP5 guns that have the two pairs of tabs on the upper receiver. Can be installed on all K98 Mauser type rifles, including Yugo M48s. EAW has a system to change from claw mounts to swing mounts, while keeping the ability to return to the original. No Reserve! 1 Bids Bid History. Another scope mount variation called the “claw” developed in Europe. The scope mounts we offer are Pivot, Claw mounts or Fixed systems with either Rings or Rail scope attachments. Mauser Turret Sniper Scope Mount with Split Rings German K98 High Turret Mount. EAW Pivot is much more modern and precice. 8 Optics Claw Dot GSG-5 Weaver HK Anodized Claw Style Sporting Goods Hunting Scopes, Optics Lasers Scope Mounts Accessories Optics Scope Anodized Style . The HK claw mount works on all HK rifles and any clone with an in-spec receiver. Remington 700, 721, 725, Sauer 100/101, Bergara B14 Long Action Picatinny Rail 0 MOA SKU:40100. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * $9. Also, just in case you don't know, the factory H & K claw mount is designed for use with 30mm tubes, so if you'll be using (or possibly be using) a 1" tube you should be sure to get the 1" inserts. Payment Methods: Money order, Bank Check, PayPal. HK 91, HK G3 - Scope Mounts, Rails, Optics. You are considering a vintage H&K 91/G3 Claw Scope Mount. OTHER MODEL HUSQVARNA/FFV MINT HUSQVARNA 46 SPORTING MAUSER CLAW MOUNT PECAR 4X81 SCOPE IN 9. The receiver, bolt, triggerguard and floorplate are all matching serial numbers and look to have the correct markings and absence of WaA marks for a Concentration Camp made K98. +1-800-504-5994 Live Chat Contact Check Order Status. Feyachi Reflex Sight - Adjustable Reticle (4 Styles) Both Red and Green in one Sight! $35. The set includes: one front mount with bases, one rear mount with base. They are NOT drop in, but need to be fitted. Save on Tacfire Gsg5 Claw Scope Mount-MMP501 with 5 Star Rating. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, the feet. The front ring has a pair of hooks on the bottom that fit into matching holes in the front base. Another scope mount variation called the "claw" developed in Europe. They may be fixed or quick-detachable. Rifle and Sporting Gun Claw Mounts, Scope Mounts, and Swing Mounts. 6 or 7 years ago I managed to buy a set of vintage scope rings and mounts. Mechanism appears to work properly. Compatibility: Fits most MP5 / G3 Series Airsoft AEG's Length: 134mm Materi , Accessories & Parts, Scopes & Optics, Scope Mounts & Risers, MP5/G3 Mounts. ERAMATIC swing mounts are avail­able as a two- or one. Attaching another scope is as easy as lining up the claws on the scope rings with the holes in the mount and press down locking the new . HK MSG90 with a scope sight mounted in a STANAG claw mount. International Shipping: We accept international orders from most European countries. HK91/ HK93/ HK94 Mounts to HK Claw Mount type lugs on stamped receivers. The front of the scope is fitted with a hook-shaped tentacle which . German double claw Schnäppermontage mount dienstglas sniper scope K98 Mauser ZF. AIM MP5 / G3 High Profile Claw Scope Scope Mount Base with Side Rail. Due to the vast number of combinations available, we suggest that you contact. When these are pressed sharply downwards into their. This is a factory original HK part manufactured in Germany. The scope mount can be easily removed and attached as often as necessary without changing the point of impact – even when using a second scope. Please make sure before purchasing. NECG New England Custom EAW style, German claw scope mount drilling base. HK91 (pre-ban) with SCHUBRICHTUNG Claw Scope Mount and HK magazines. presents the Absolute Zero (AZ) "Dreadnought" series. I'm guessing they are European as the rings are for a 30mm scope. Black anodized aluminum construction. The following photos show various different types of scope mounts. The Ziegler Suhler Claw mount is a best quality German made scope mount featuring instant removal of the scope but with no loss of zero guaranteed. I have had these a while and was a little undecided on what to do with em! Approx 67 pieces of ring mounts (so that would make 33 pairs). Fit like a glove, and hasn't moved since I've shot it (about 250 rounds). Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Distinguishable features of a 1944 dated Single Claw (aside from the scope) will be a short sniper safety to allow clearance of the scope, stock serial numbered internally (on 1944 rifles) and possibly a checkered sniper butt plate. The scope generally is in excellent condition. This is the second of two HK scope mounts that I have to sell and is not a relist of the previous unit. fuji Location: Date: January 10, 2022 Have an older M&P with no mounting points for a picatiny rail system. All original style claw-mounts have windage in the rear mount. So if you're looking for MP5K parts, you've found the spot. He asked me to help locate some rings that fit the bases shown in the picture below. Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over $49 to contiguous 48 states, DC and to all U. 00 Compare MAKlassic Front Pivot Base, Drop Barrel Guns 12 mm Rib $59. German claw mount off set front claw for 70 degree dovetail rails, in the white. Here's an original Heckler & Koch factory SG1 quick detach claw mount for the HK91, HK93, HK94, G3, SR9, MP5 etc. We deliver the highest quality reproduction sniper scope mounts and accessories for German, Russian, Yugo, Swiss, British and Swedish vintage military rifles. Studying non scoped rifles is the first step in authenticating a Single Claw. RARE German Herman Schneider Mauser, Claw Mounts & Scope, Engraved, Half Octagon Blue 24” Bolt Action Rifle, Mannlicher Stock, MFD Pre WWII. With the latest machines and updated certifications. Adaptation in the blink of an eye. High quality reproduction of an impossible to find high turret sniper mount. ALUMINUM MMP5 HK/GSG/Umarex Style Claw OPTICS SCOPE RED DOT SIGHT MOUNT. H&K 91/G3 Claw Scope Mount You are considering a vintage H&K 91/G3 Claw Scope Mount. AmmoOkkie A+(2055) Seller's Other Items. Designs of Low Profile Mount Base for fitting GSG5 G3 & MP5. Choose from claw mount or dovetail systems and trust in . • Low Profile with See-thru Feature and V-cut on Top Rail Allowing Convenient Use of Iron Sights. Each scope mount has it's own qualities and . Vintage German rifle scope#CARL ZEISS JENA ZF4/S DDR# Nr 978899 with original claw mounts and bases. HK SWAN G3 claw scope mount for Heckler and Koch guns and clones. claw mount scope rings 09-11-2012, 04:12 AM. SKU CAB6-D3-028 Categories 24 Hour Gun Show, Scope Mounts, H&K Tags H&K 91-G3 Claw Scope Mount, H&K. Features:Black anodized aircraft grade aluminumAccepts all standard Weaver / 1913. I use arms #22 through rings and the swiss made mil-spec B&T low universal mount. Suhl Claw mounts were the most common form of detachable/repeatable mounts on European rifles before the modern pivot mounts emerged on the market. HK Claw STANAG scope mount with 30mm rings. ID: 36073 (MT-AIM-MMP02) MMP02# Hover or touch above to zoom. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. It had the claw bases front and rear exactly like the photos shown above, but that was it. This does away with the problem of having to select a scope with straight tube or very high mounts. Pulling the ears on the rear base rearward releases the rear claws from their base, allowing the scope to tip up at the. **Designed for H&K firearms & other compatible variants with standard receiver dimensions. Fabricated to be described as a superb product for pretty much any individual, we are certain you will appreciate the Tacfire Gsg5 Claw Scope Mount. Shop Tacfire Gsg5 Claw Scope Mount | 5 Star Rating on 2 Reviews for Tacfire Gsg5 Claw Scope Mount + Free Shipping over $49. Certified for sale by Jeff Robert on GunsAmerica - 998750004. However, the first rifle-scope I attempted to mount on the Mannlicher-Schoenauer in it's EAW mounts was a good quality American one of a well known brand which had a composite tube which fitted into the adjustment turret. Step by Step instructional video showing how to mount a telescopic sight with the Ziegler ZP Suhler claw mount. EAW do now offer mounting parts that make it possible to easily convert a claw mount into an EAW pivot mount with lever at low cost – without modifications on . Designed to fit the HK-91-93-94,MP5 and SP89. Since 1991, Warne Scope Mounts has offered best-in-class firearm-specific fitments made in the U. BNZ Single Claw Sniper Scope Mount German K98 K98K 98K Mauser. Mount looks great with no condition issues to note. Interested in purchasing your own Absolute Zero scope mount? Check-out what Rex Reviews has to say about the Absolute Zero |0| Dreadnought Series. Thanks to the modular system, ERAMATIC scope mounts can be used on almost all bolt-action and break barrel rifles. Claw mounts for Mannlicher-Schoenauer Rear Ring and Base New. Our product range includes a wide selec­tion of tip-off mounts, various swing and German claw mounts, as well as scope mounts for Weaver and Picatinny rails on modern rifles. Easy to fit - takes just a few minutes to mount on rifles or pistols. out of 5 ; Claw Scope Mount · Have an older M&P with no mounting points for a picatiny rail system. 00 Compare EAW Adapter for claw mount, Aimpoint Micro $79. Robust Steel Construction with Precision Machining and Matte Black Finish; Smooth and Rock Solid Quick Lock/Release Installation with Clear and Positive Operations; High-profile with See-through Feature Allowing Use of Iron Sights. It fits easily and quickly on HK rifles. A Quick Detachable claw mount made by German company, Ziegler. Gen 2 Picatinny Rail Mount, H&K MP5, BlackVISM Gen 2 Picatinny Rail Mount for HK MP5Features:- Mounts to HK Claw Mount type lugs on stamped receivers- Clamps directly to the top of the HK Spec stamped receivers: MP5, SP89, HK91/ HK93/ HK94Includes:- Mounting toolsSpecifications:- Fits: HK MP5/ CETME/ 90 Series of long guns- Black anodized aluminum construction- Length: 5. Serial number on rifle and bolt matches. Designed to fit Warne’s Skyline Precision Bipod, the feet articulate to accommodate different leg angles to maximize contact on uneven terrain. AZ is self locking with no cumbersome levers or screws, the fastest mount in the world. Average price to fit claw mount rings to existing claw mount bases: $725 or $925 if we are fitting a second scope to be used along with an original scope. 76 read more; leupold base/ring combo stand 2pc/1 med wby mark v matte $ 74. They are admittedly a bit dear, and you need someone who knows what they are doing to fit them up, but I'm very happy with mine. Not sure EXACTLY what it will fit. Description: Heckler and Koch Factory 05 Claw Scope Mount, 30mm Rings. Heckler & Koch is world renowned for their high quality firearms and parts. MFI HK G3 / HK91|HK 91 / PTR91 & All G3 Style Weapons in. Shop scope mounts, rings, rails, bases, bipods and more. So if you’re looking for MP5K parts, you’ve found the spot. specializes in true Quick detach (QD) mount systems, from traditional European claw mounts for fine custom rifles to rugged sniper rifle . You're reviewing: MP HI-PRO CLAW SCOPE MOUNT How do you rate this product? * 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars; Price: Value: Quality *Nickname *Summary of Your Review *Review. A true Quick detach mount with complete interchangeability of optical devices. GOTICAL Claw Scope Mount for MP5 MK5 HK G3 GSG5-Hunting rifle picatinny Weaver Rail Handguard - Heavy Duty Sight Scope Mounts ( Metal) Metal Construction Matte Black Fits Real Steel & Airsoft Guns Adds an upper rail to any M5, MK5, & MP5 style gun directly to the top of the receiver ,Accepts all weaver standard rings. in fitting a scope like that to an older German claw mount base, . EXPEDITED SHIPPING on Over 250,000 Products. Your partner for scope mounts in uncompromising quality. When properly installed, a claw mount offers very good accuracy and repeat precision. I also like claw scope mounts and have made some rings for them over the years. No reviews yet Write a Review Write a Review. Features of NcSTAR MP5/HK Claw Scope Mount / Gen2: Clamps directly to the top of the HK Spec stamped receivers: MP5. Precision machined steel, calibrated for scope with 26. 99 Included: Male Quick-Disconnect Foster Fill Connection on rifle, Mantis 4-12x40 AO Rifle Scope, Mantis 1" Rings, Medium, Air Venturi Arrow Bow Quiver & Mount Kit, 6 pack Air Venturi Air Bolt,. Made From Aluminum And Stainless Steel, The. That's why we make more than one million rings and bases every year, . Scope is attached with dovetails machined into top of the receiver with claw-type mount on rear scope mount. The system's revised styling provide a more compact unit with greater eye relief adjustment. The German claw mount is possibly the finest detachable scope mount ever created and if you already have a set of operable bases on your gun then you have over half of the mount and the expense behind you. The mount is precision machined, hot blued and calibrated for scopes with 26. The quick detach feature is why these units are highly sought after. Just remove the screws and feet from the one side before snapping it onto the gun. Interchangeable rock solid mounts. Quick Detachable Scope Mounts #17115658 03/30/22: Joined: Mar Joined: Mar 2006. Scope mounts for German Claw - Suhl. For those rifles we recommend the Low Profile Mount or Dual Rail Mount as they are adjustable. Staying with another quick release model, this well-designed AK side mount comes from AIM Sports Inc. The UTG claw mount is made from steel. German claw mount parts, raw machined parts, from Sodia Ferlach factory. 308 ONLY (WITH SLOTS / WINDOWS) New. This scope mount fits the GSG 5 perfectly. Get the best deals on Claw Mount In Hunting Rifle Scopes when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Seller to pay shipping and insurance. Description: Pre-ban, genuine Made-In-Germany Heckler and Koch HK91A2 (fixed stock, Semi-Auto) in 7. Pre-war scopes offered for the exact period restoration job. It may look nifty, and appear as though it will fit your HK MP5. Shop For MP5 / G3 / MC51 / SAS and other Rifle / Airsoft and compatible replicas. 95 add to cart; bg x-lock mounts 1 low 2-pc black gloss for x-bolt $ 72. Your mounting system is the crucial link between your firearm and your optic. I can find nothing like them on the web and in the forums that I've posted on no one seems to recognize them. Aim Sports Inc Aim Sports Claw Scope Mount. The mounts look to me like they are for the DOW scope set up. Original and OLDER TOP quality German / Austrian style Quick Detachable, Windage Adjustable Claw Mounts to take a dovetailed rail scope and fit into to . Free shipping on many items | Browse your . AUG Modular Scope Mount Black, Clawgear‘s modular mounting system products are designed to increase weapon performance and accuracy. This mount adds a scope mount base on top of your MP5 / G3 allowing mounting of picatinny / weaver mount red dot, scope and other attachments. German Claw Scope Optics Mounts. The Elite Force HK MP5 Railed Claw Scope Mount for use on airsoft guns. The fastest QD scope mount in the world and all attachments return to their zero, Absolute Zero. GOTICAL Claw Scope Mount for MP5 MK5 HK G3 GSG5-Hunting Rifle Weaver Rails - Heavy Duty Sight Scope Mounts( Metal) 3. Buy it with confidence is really a good scope. 52 add to cart; utg scope mount ar-15 carry handle picatinny mount aimshot qr rail adapter qr 40 mm picatinny rail. Buy Tactical MP5, MK5, HK, G3, GSG5 Claw Scope Mount for Hunting Rifle Picatinny/Weaver Rail Handguard-MDMP5 at Wish - Shopping Made Fun. Showing 1-16 of 53 results ARMS Claw Mount For HK 90 Series Rifles. Scope mount barrel base for German claw mount plate Mauser 98 / other rifles. If you try, it will scratch the living bejeesus out of your receiver. Complete mounts: We do offer complete Claw Mount installations as well. Made utilizing some of the best accessible materials and construction, these unique Riflescope Mounts, Rings, and Bases through the product. However the scope and rings are gonejust the bases remain. Product Info for AIM Sports Claw Scope Mount for MP5/H&K Rifles. made clone receivers have incorrectly shaped scope mount tabs (Century for example) or incorrectly positioned rear sight bases. MFI 14" Long Low Profile Scope Mount for HK91 /. DEVA institute found > 30% of claw mounts defective in a study of used rifles and scope mounts. The Suhl claw mounts are hard to beat for quick on, quick off and return to zero, but you've dismissed them out of hand. Rating: SKU: ATIMMP5: Description; Reviews; Send; Recommended; Aluminum black matte claw mount to easily add optics to your GSG-5 or MP5 rifle. Claw Mounts, Scope Mounts, and Swing Mounts LeArms offering original style claw-mounts sweated on the scope tube. HECKLER & KOCH / H&K HK91A3, PRE-BAN, FACTORY TELESCOPING STOCK, CLAW MOUNT, ETC. Sold by US-DEALS (Ship Via USPS) and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. 62x51mm with date code of "IA" (manufactured 1980) stamped on receiver and bolt carrier group. Monday-Friday : 09:00-17:00 Tel: +44 (0) 1978 66 00 01. To post Blue Line EAW solutions, with a great price-performance ratio. German Claw Mounts are the traditional choice for mounting scopes on double rifles, drillings, combination guns, as well as on custom magazine rifles and special rifles like the Mannlicher-Schoenauer. I'm assuming all HK style guns in the g3 family will accept this mount. I would lokk more into the region of about 1000 US $ for that. Facebook; Twitter; SKU: AIM-MMP5 UPC: 815879011657 MPN: MMP5 Availability:. If your not going to use the stanag scope set up then go with a b&t low universal mount and quality rings. WWarne Scope Mountsarne 7951M Claw Foot For Precision BipodThe Warne Skyline Claw Feet Give You The Additional Flotation Needed For Stable Shooting On Loose Or Loamy Surfaces Where Ordinary Feet Would Sing In. Designed by a passionate hunter, working in highly precise CNC machinery for the Formula 1 industry, who wanted a repeatable zero quick detachcable mount for when travelling and cleaning his rifle. The scope rings were attached to the scope tube using two methods, full soldering and welding. 4i, nat, lbx, i7, iv, yzi, 66r, 0y, 7xx, ffp, nb, a9q, wvr, pl8, 2a, w5l, sz, 47, nm, 6k, fmt, 0h, ff, 6m, y76, ga, xo5, yd, lhu, j92, dgi, 3i, h9, ikw