Drz400 Power ModsRidden only once or twice a week as I travel frequently and work from home. An unstopped WRF with YZF cam timing is faster than the stock DRZ400 on top, so the Suzuki falls between the XR400 and WR400 in top-end power. Cara Install App Resso Premium Mod Apk. Many options for the DRZ-S as previously stated but to include replacing the stock CV carb with an FCR carb. These simple mods made a huge difference in the bikes overall performance. I had my DRZ dyno'd at 33bhp yesterday. According to Suzuki, the electric starter adds 13 pounds of weight. CV carbs would have been chosen for the DRZ400-S model to meet emissions and will be set quite lean on the pilot jet (well maybe with this weather it could be set a tad rich). I wanted to solve one of the most common problems that I dealt with as a dual sports motorcycle rider… Not having enough … Home Read More ». Through thorough testing, we are confident to say that our carbs will out perform anything else on the market while getting better fuel economy, making more power, and never having to rejet!. DRZ400 Helmet lock removal DRZ400 3X3 Airbox Mod The 3X3 airbox mod is the opening up the airbox inlet to a size of 3 inches x 3 inches to increase airflow. Fortunately, the DRZ engine responds well to mods and 40 horsepower is not particularly hard to achieve and with enough money you can reach 50 horsepower. We at Powersport Junkie have owned the DRZ400SM and have worked on the DRZ400 E as well. The DRZ has enough power in that slightly ugly motor to drag a barge out of a canal. DRZ400 3X3 Airbox Mod The 3X3 airbox mod is the opening up the airbox inlet to a size of 3 inches x 3 inches to increase airflow. cheapest best modification to give your DRZ400 more power. According to my buddy, the bike has 3x3 mod, jet kit, MRD header and exhaust, was tuned to perfection on a dyno, and it makes 45horsepower. Essential Mods And Tips Part 1 Suzuki DRZ400 Review (Comprehensive Breakdown) Kawasaki KLR 650 vs. Ive ridden a DRZ, and I have KX450 SM, I know the DRZ is an awesome bike and has a big following but if you've ever had the chance to ride a 450cc or larger SM, either a conversion or one of those off the shelf KTM's youd know there is a serious gap in performance/power compared to the DRZ. power 48 hp (35 kW) / 9000 rpm – DR-Z400E 40 hp (30 kW) / 7600 rpm – DR-Z400S, DR-Z400SM Max. I have been reading and hearing lots of great things about the Suzuki DRZ400SM. ive just bought a power core pipe to go on it aswell. This DRZ400 Mod increases your horsepower and throttle response. -Drz has much more aftermarket parts available and will ultimately be cheaper to mod/own/buy(wr'S seem to be harder to find used). Now Your Drz400SM is no longer a slowzuki, time to check out our other suspension and brake upgrades for a completely upgraded drz. Drz400 power mods Basically you can convert the motor over to an E model motor with head gasket, FCR carb, E cam(s), E header (and can for that matter). Moto-House MX – Performance Package, Performance Upgrades Engine Mods Accessories for Yamaha YZ250 Moto-House MX can make your Yamaha YZ250 run out front of the competition, KTM 250 SX, KTM 250 SX-F, Suzuki RMZ250, RM250, Yamaha YZ250F, Kawasaki KX250F, Husqvarna TC250 and Honda CRF250R. Now I was wondering about jetting changes. The DRZ400 SM is a great fun and a top city bike. Especially how great the prices are for used ones and all. Suzuki DRZ 400 Adventure Bike Build. The front brake is nothing short of awesome. The DRZ400 is a great bike but it was built for the masses and different countries. Any other power mods I should look into doing? This is mostly a trail quad…no racing. Suzuki's DR frame holds a 400cc engine. DRZ400 3X3 Airbox Mod The “3X3 airbox mod” is the opening up the airbox inlet to a size of 3 inches x 3 inches to increase airflow. com review, photos and videos of the 2005 Suzuki On-Off Road. Compared against its DR-Z650SE stable-mate, the 317-pound curb weight of the 400 bests its kin by 49 pounds and produces surprisingly similar horsepower numbers. Home Brands Upgrades DRZ400 Upgrades. How bullet proof it is and fun to ride, yeah it lacks power, but was just wondering how much performance gains I can expect from mods and such for it. Those seeking a dual-sport or an ultramoto will appreciate that they don’t require too much effort or power. The DR-Z400 and DR-Z400E are identical except for the electric starter on the "E" version (the one we tested). The seat height is accordingly taller, making the 125L better if you’re above 4’10” tall. A living testament to Suzuki’s engineering team that a motorcycle, relatively unchanged for two decades is still as popular with weekend warriors today. Drz 400 s best performance mods - DRZ400/E/S/SM - ThumperTalk. There also seems to be more accessories for the DRZ 400. Bike is fully legal, able to pass inspection and road block, blast loud and proud. DRZ mods for power XRMike; I just bought a DRZ250 also. My buddy's dad has a BONE STOCK drz with well over 60,000 miles, and it hasn't exactly lived an easy life. 2018 SUZUKI DR200S Parts & Accessories. Suzuki Drz 400 Engine Schematics. torque 41 Nm (4,2 kgf*m) / 7500 rpm – DR-Z400E 39 Nm (3,97 kgf*m) / 6600 rpm – DR-Z400S, DR-Z400SM Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) 5,45 sec. DRZ400 PERFORMANCE POWER UPGRADES \u0026 MODS How to install a FCR39 carb on a DRZ400 S or SM Most Important DRZ400 Mod EVER! (No More Jetting) SUZUKI DRZ400 REVIEW, MODS \u0026 COMMON PROBLEMS Cross Training Enduro DRZ400 OWNER REVIEWS, COMMON MODS \u0026 PROBLEMS DRZ400 Engine Tear Down Prt 2 Comparing OEM, Clymer, \u0026 Haynes Motorcycle. To date the engine internals remain stock, with power mods limited an airbox removal, free breathing colour coded Uni Filter and the gorgeous set of 1-into-2 Yoshimura pipes. Doubt any of the 450 can do that But then again, I have what 2 seasons on my KTM and still PURRRRRRRS but it is track only :ninja:. torque 41 Nm (4,2 kgf*m) / 7500 rpm - DR-Z400E 39 Nm (3,97 kgf*m) / 6600 rpm - DR-Z400S, DR-Z400SM Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) 5,45 sec. From the research I have done: Stage 1: Drill the airbox 'airbox mod', re-jet the carb, grind out the header pipe weld (where it exits the engine). We spend 50 hours on researching and comparing 37 of popular models to determine the Best Drz400 Mods 2021 you can buy. Available in either 143cc or 160cc BBR offers additional Race Team mods that can further enhance the performance of this item. In a day, the average cost of buying a new one is $7,200, but you can find a used one for under $5k every day. As with all bikes, the 39bhp stated power is optimistic, and likely taken from the crank. flatslide carby and hotter cams are both very good points. It wouldn't hurt if a mod was to come along and move the thread into the Suzuki tech side of the HUBB from this HUBB Pub. The dual sport (the "S" model) weighs in at 291 pounds dry. From the airbox to the super-long header pipe, the DRZ250 is identical to the DR250R dual-sport, but the DRZ has a lighter steel muffler with removeable/cleanable spark arrester. 32 HP isn't bad but many riders want more. Any advice would be a great help. It is not unheard of people getting 35hp-40hp with this kit and some minor intake/exhaust mods. Plus a couple of other recommended electrical mods. Teamed up with upgraded jetting and a performance exhaust it provides a noticeable performance improvement. no DRZ power mods except lower gear sprockets - 14/50 front/rear). Custom Parts for all bikes Make Your Bike Truly Yours Check Our Works Custom Parts for your bike How It All Started Steve Gann, CEO Motodash Inc. We spend 71 hours on researching and comparing 50 of popular models to determine the Best Suzuki Drz400 Mods 2021 you can buy. Our website is also a biker resource with authentic customer product reviews, instructional videos, a large Q&A section and much more. The other common and fairly easy option is the Yamaha WR250R, which has a smaller displacement but the butt dyno says its further lack of weight combined with its modest power make it a prime candidate for some supermoto action. That's a good check list for the weak points of the DRZ. Read Free Suzuki Drz400s Dr Z400s 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Workshop Service Repair Manual Suzuki Drz400s Dr Z400s 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004. Avon TrailRider Front Tire (120/70-17) Avon TrailRider Rear Tire (150/60-17) Michelin Front and Rear Inner Tubes. For a bike that only has mild mods (full exhaust, airbox mods, getting, DRZ base gasket), does it make much different in power? OR would you need more mods like cams, headwork, big bore kit in order to. Even the pumper 28mm Mikuni is the same. crazy sport License LED Brake Tail Lights Holder Fits For SUZUKI DRZ400 S/SM/E 400 DRZ400SM DRZ400S DRZ DRZ400 05-20 Fits for XR250R XR400R 96-04 Tail Tidy Fender Eliminato LED Brake Lights (Red) 7. Best Drz400 Mods 2021 – Top 10 Rated. B) 3x3 · 2) fat bars · 3) lower seat (I'm old and short) · 4) hand guards (see above) · 5) DOT knobs. Average: 3 (1 vote) Considering the DRZ was intended as a 'dual sport' bike, in its supermoto guise the chassis is brilliant. Hi there, I recently bought a new DRZ and are curious as to what Mods I should make first? What is best bang for $$? Thanks!!. Well taken care of with no expense spared and estimated $4000ish worth of mods. The Z-PRO system was developed to support a fully modified DRZ400 engine and develops maximum HP. Currently the only performance mods i have is a Fmf power core 4 and power bomb, 3x3 air box mod and re jetted. He said he's hit 105mph before bouncing off the limiter. Upgrades & modifications to give engine performance and horsepower improvements for your Suzuki DRZ 400 SM, S or E. Im pretty sure as a 1st bike the power would be perfect but also some power than the Suzukinot so after the usual performance mods. 1 Has anybody had experince with big bore kits? Is there a preferred manufacturer, and do the mods affect reliability? Does cooling system cope ok? Does carby need modifying? What power increase could I expect - is it a mathmatic progression ie 10% increase in capacity gives 10% more power. I still have the stock sprockets (15/41) if you want put them back on. DRZ400 3X3 Airbox Mod The "3X3 airbox mod" is the opening up the airbox inlet to a size of 3 inches x 3 inches to increase airflow. The “3X3 airbox mod” is the opening up the airbox inlet to a size of 3 inches x 3 inches to increase airflow. DRZ 400 Titanium Yoshimura exhaust. The DRZ125 small wheel has 17/14” wheels and tires, while the DRZ125L large wheel has 19/16” wheels. First time riding a DRZ with power mods. DRZ400SM & DRZ400S -Picture Gallery « DRZ400SM; DRZ400S BSR Carb ». and rear brake are sharp and the walls of the engine case so thin. My slighly tuned 02 DRZ 400E/MRD-SSW makes 38-40 RWHP & my DR650 with fcr and gsxr doesnt feel much differnt overall. Brakes: The stock brakes on our DRZ400SM weren't the greatest, so we wanted to get them upgraded right away. DRZ400 the good: - modern water cooled powerplant. These cams will provide improved full throttle torque and horsepower at all RPM 4000 and up. Once we’ve tested a sufficient number we’ll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Drz400 Mods. These Carb upgrade Mods will add performance to every other product that's installed in the motor or intake system for a complete power change. Drz400 power mods Drz400 power mods. Suzuki DRZ400 FULL Ultimate review, Must have Mods, top speed and ride 2000 – 2018 (E7)SUZUKI DRZ400 PERFORMANCE POWER UPGRADES \u0026 MODS Suzuki DRZ 400 oil change \u0026 oil filter change. A blog about motorcycles like the Yamaha Tenere 700, Yamaha WR250R, Honda CRF450L, Honda CRF450RL, Honda CRF300L, and Suzuki DRZ400S / DRZ400SM. Sargent World Sport Performance Seat (Black Welt) Compatible with 00-14 Suzuki DRZ400S. I just need to get a little more power. If you're happy with the power it has now, at home, leave everything alone and take solace knowing you can basically go anywhere. SKU: JDS013 Categories: Jet Kits, Suzuki kits. HOT CAMS 2252-2E EXHAUST CAM 2251-2IN & INTAKE CAM DRZ400. Thinner E model head gasket (need . Hard anodized oval shaped aluminum muffler with a TIG welded reinforced muffler bracket and red powder coated stainless steel end tip. Looking to Upgrade Your Drz400? These Carb upgrade Mods will add performance to . I've come to understand the E has a 13 tooth front sprocket while the S has a 15 tooth and both have a 44 tooth rear. We went with Galfer Brake Lines front and rear, and their Sintered brake pads. The bike is just off the showroom floor so it is all stock. I did look into a few times though and . Engine mods, fuel type, type of riding, and other details. 2 hp, while the 650 we tested in our 2007 Three for Five: Budget Bombers article pumped out 35. After coming off a KTM I really feel cramped on the drz. Uses stock DRZ400 valve springs, if installed in LTZ400 you must install DRZ400 valve springs. But for the $$ the DRZ is really a best bet. DRZ400SM Gold Exhaust Graphic Kit Drz400s drz 400sm 400s sm Shroud Decal drz 400. Drz400 Mods for Perfect Throttle response ready . + They have some very useful tech info about charging systems. DRZ E models that came stock with an FCR carburetor will need a non-E model intake boot and airbox adapter. Our Gen II 4 stroke kits are ready to go. Best Drz400 Mods 2021 - Top 10 Rated. I can put a few mods on the DR or DRZ for about 1 thousand that will make it a much better bike. Increases power by being less restrictive than the stock baffle. The relay won’t pull much current then you can run heavier wires to all of your add ins without having to worry about cooking your ignition circuit. DRZ400SM COE Ending Dec 2028 with lots of accessories and power mods. Revs a bit too high at on dual carriage ways but great in the twisties, feels like a pedal. Don't know how many miles I have on it, but holding up fairly well. Mar 21, 2018 - Upgrades & modifications to give engine performance and horsepower improvements for your Suzuki DRZ 400 SM, S or E. In fact, I switched it over to my Husqvarna FE501. Tons of parts, power mods you name it. Adventure Rider - Ride the World. I've been debating on just putting a high compression piston in it or an athena 435 big bore kit both . com doesn’t just sell parts and accessories. 2003 Z400, Full Trinity Stage IV Exhaust, Custom Intake w/no lid, DRZ base gasket, 13t front sprocket, 06' Z400 front shocks, ProTaper bars, Trailtech mounts, Jardine Nerf Bars, Tusk Comp Heal Guards. It's a four-stroke, single cylinder, dry-sump engine with dual overhead cams, 4 valves and liquid cooling. pipeline, either joined, client or server - whether your mod is to be a client-side-only or server-side-only mod, or to be both and share the same codebase. DRZ 400 Mods, tips and tricks Do the "Free Power" Mod (especially if you plan to run electronics (GPS . Depending on what type of a rider you are, your tire needs will vary. Take the seat off your DRZ400, then remove the snorkel on your airbox. FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe $179. DRZ 400 mods and upgrades By Thomas E On January 5, 2021 · Add Comment When I bought my son a drz400, the seller was ASKING 1900, but I got it for 1600 Nov 2019. I have an 07 drz400s, and the stock exhaust they come with absolutely. Fire Power Maintenance Free Battery CT7B-BS. This mod can't be done alone; you. -both require some basic mods to open them up a bit and make them run right/make reasonable power. I cut the exhaust tip to 1 3/8in. Although the carb is jetted spot-on and delivers seamless power, it is a little tricky. DRZ Mods for all DRZ400S - DRZ400SM - DRZ400 Suzuki Models. Last update on 2021-12-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. If you’re mostly trail cruising through rocky trails with your DRZ400, then you don’t want a road or rallycross specific tire. A 3-pack of easy to apply strips measure the temperature of engine, suspension, and radiator . Best Suzuki Drz400 Mods 2021 - Top 10 Rated. 2018 Suzuki DR-Z400S Dual Sport. I would run a relay from the Ignition switch the run a dedicated circuit for your charging ports, heated grips, aux lights, et cetera. On some DRZ400 models the 3X3 airbox mod . 3×3 mods for a stock suzuki drz400. my wifes drz needs valves , its done almost 3000lms , and she is getting used to the power, so i was wondering while ive got the head off what head work i should get done to give her a few more ponies. I do run a Shinko 700 on the rear for my true dual sport 50/50 rides. I never drove on the highway (not comfortable) and always took smaller curvy roads and even though I had the SM version, often took it on some gravel roads. Top speed 151 km/h / 94 mph: CARBURETION SYSTEM Type. The BBR exhaust system weighs in right at 4 pounds, which is 2 ½ pounds lighter than stock. T he DRZ400SM and DRZ400S come out of the factory with a: - 142. I've heard of some people putting an FCR carb on the Z400's in place of the oem Mikuni. I heard to put a 165 main jet that. A straight forward guide to doing the free power mod. I have a barely used FMF Q4 muffler that I've never put on (I bought it used for $250 and never installed it). The main frame remains stock, while the rear subframe was de-tabbed, shortened and ‘flattened out’ to better match the visual line through the bike. Home Brands Upgrades DRZ400 Upgrades Showing 1-16 of 48 results. also what parts are interchangable between the LTZ400 and the DRZ400 to give me better performance. HOW TO: DRZ400 S / SM 3x3 Jetting and Exhaust. Drz400E "free Power Mod" and I am thinking this may be a common issue in relation to keeping a Suzuki DRZ400e battery at its peak. SUZUKI DRZ400 PERFORMANCE POWER UPGRADES & MODS. will a drz400 engine mount on a hawk 250 without any modifications to the frame? Not allowed! 1 . Looking to Upgrade Your Drz400? These Carb upgrade Mods will add performance to every other product that's installed in the motor or intake system for a complete power change. Any thoughts about adapting Mar 02, 2021 · Dr200 mods Dr200 mods Apr 17, 2017 · My weapon of choice there was an older Smok M45, a nice small, light and stealthy little box mod. Not sure entirely as I went from a 2-stroke 125 to the DRZ, but it hurt my arms after the first ride Should top out at about 100mph, but it crawls there after about 80. I've added FMF power bomb exhaust system, Honda XR rear master cylinder, new grips, new plastics, new graphics, RMZ front mudguard, new grips, case savers, new timing cover, new HT lead, one tooth less on the front sprocket, recovered the seat and loads of rear tyres. power 48 hp (35 kW) / 9000 rpm - DR-Z400E 40 hp (30 kW) / 7600 rpm - DR-Z400S, DR-Z400SM Max. We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. DRZ400SM with 3×3 Air Box Mod and JD kit vs Stock Jetting. • Bolt on power Requires use of special ND IY24 spark plug. When we tested Yamaha’s WR250R last year, the 298-pound (wet) machine output 27. Drz has many preventative fixes that should be done before you can confidently claim that it is bulletproof. The kick start DR-Z400 has a claimed dry weight of 249 pounds, while the DR-Z400E weighs in at 262. Suzuki DRZ 400 S Performance Parts. Neshaminy High School Calendar Neshaminy High School Calendar Neshaminy High School Calendar Here is a co Saab 9 3 Turbo Limp Mode; Saab 9 3 Turbo Limp Mode Saab 9 3 Turbo Limp Mode Saab 9 3 Turbo Limp ModeS Mbah Semar Sydney Hari Ini 2021; Mbah Semar Sydney Hari Ini 2021 Mbah Semar Sydney Hari Ini 2021 Syair SDY. - stiffer and more modern suspension. The rear tire on your DRZ400 takes the most abuse, its where you engine’s power and the dirt meet. OK so it’s not delivered in a particularly exciting way and the top end is just not worth looking for, but the mid to low is just endless and super strong, it’s just that if you’ve ridden anything modern, you will be disappointed. Brand new 2019 DRZ400SM with a full @yoshimura_rd exhaust, "3x3" intake mod, and dialed in jetting on the dyno! 35whp/28tq makes for a fun . Buy BlackPath - Fits Suzuki Exhaust Tip With Screen Arrestor 2000-2017 DRZ250 and 2000-2021 DRZ400 Motorcycle 3D Power Tip (Silver) T6 Billet: Exhaust Pipes & Tips - Amazon. I had a DRZ400S with JD kit/airbox mod/Yoshimira pipe jetted for . Once we've tested a sufficient number we'll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Drz400 Mods. The DRZ-E has a longer left crank to clear the starter clutch and larger charging system. Featuring a 398cc engine, your four-stroke needs the right equipment to function at its best. 52 ft-lbs of torque, we’re attracted to the realistic possibility of shedding some of the 400’s weight, bringing it closer to that of the 250’s rather than attempting to close. Just keep in mind this will need supermoto wheels, suspension, and brakes as well, after you spent its $6,690 MSRP. Suggestions for Suzuki DRZ400 mods There was a pun in there. We’ve owned a 2006 DRZ400SM and the mods list was populated by the “required” parts. I focused all my performance modifications on reducing weight and The forks are the same type as DRZ400SM, but they were sourced from an . 12 o clock wheelies help for DRZ400 Klx400. There are other brands like KTM and BMW but cost 3-4 more thousand dollars. Case savers…that have REALLY saved the cases! Bar risers. May require additional adjustment or modification. DRZ Mods for all DRZ400S - DRZ400SM - DRZ400 Suzuki Models Dirt Bike Power upgrades- Top End Performance Mods – OEM Retail Price $ 2,156. 183 Suzuki DR-Z 400S Motorcycles for Sale. I wanted some acceleration, something that was easy to handle, not too heavy and has a low top speed. It has the stock exhaust, stock carb, stock jetting (i. You saw and know how hard I rode my old DRZ and I got well over 50,000 miles out of it. Or other low cost performance mods. case savers and rounded off the gear lever where it is likely to contact the engine casing. Suzuki DRZ400 Yamaha WR250R/X SuperMoto Wheels Agency Power Turbo Back Exhaust System Mahindra Roxor 2. Fork springs upgrade – progressive, later had “impulse power sports fix front/rear . Check out this sweet deal on this DRZ400 Wiseco 440cc Off Road Big Bore Kit. Is there a preferred manufacturer, and do the mods affect reliability? Does cooling system cope ok? Does carby need modifying? What power . At AS3 Performance we stock various aftermarket upgrades for the Suzuki DRZ 400 S including radiator braces, skid plates, brake disc guards and other . pxower delivery is really different but overall they dont feel like one is making more power. DRZ400 3X3 Airbox Mod Installing an Oil Temperature Sensor. - better brakes (especially the SM with twin disks) - cool digital display. This item S / SM Power Kit 1 Uni Air Filter + JD Jet Kit + 3x3 Mod Template compatible with Suzuki DRZ400 Pro Air Filter Pre-Oiled Fits Suzuki Drz400 2000-2013 MOTOKU Air Filter for DRZ400 DRZ400E DRZ400S DRZ400SM KLX 400. I have an 07 drz400s, and the stock exhaust they come with absolutely sucks. If you’re stumped on repairs or have questions about Suzuki DR650 parts, you’ve come to the right place. The DRZ 400 SM with its 17-inch wheels, inverted forks and uprated brakes is a far better pure road bike than the S, so have a think about if you really want to ride off-road before you decide on. I had a D606 on my DRZ400 right before I sold it. It also handles better on the trails over logs, rocks and terrain because the larger diameter wheels roll over obstacles more easily. To maximize performance and improve ride-ablity of your DR-Z400S or DR-Z400SM, we recommend that you replace the entire exhaust system (muffler AND header) with a lightweight free-flowing exhaust re-jet the carburetor to adjust the bikes fueling replace the stock air filter with a better flowing air filter. 1 comp trail tech fat x bars logo clamp pro armor a arm frame and swing arm skids suzuki nerfs suzuki shock wears durablue 2+2 eliminator axledurablue wheel spacers ac racing front bumper fmf power core 4 pipe power bomb header k&n filter alba adapter big gun cdi 20/6/10 razer mx fronts 18/10/8 turf tamer rears side winder 40t rear and 15t. i dunno about the higher revving cdi - that'll be to utilize the top end power netted by the cams - but most likely the cdi has a map which. Drz400SM Performance Parts OEM Suzuki Parts 1 2. Watch it at high altitude when it's sitting there idling. The Yoshi exhaust system sounds and looks much better than the stock . Perfect condition Suzuki DRZ 400 SM frame. Posted: 17:43 - 10 Jun 2012 Post subject: drz400 mods: I've added FMF power bomb exhaust system, Honda XR rear master cylinder, new grips, new plastics, new. This is the third DRZ400 I have built into an adventure bike and the products used in this build are based on over 5 years of riding DRZ400 bikes for. Dual Sport, Supermoto, and Adventure Touring Parts and Accessories for the Yamaha WR250R, Yamaha WR250X, Yamaha Tenere 700, Honda CRF450RL, Honda CRF450L, Honda CRF250L, Honda CRF300L and Suzuki DRZ400S / DRZ400SM. The DR-Z400E put simply is an Australian off-road icon, with over 20,000 units sold since its introduction in electric-start guise in 2000. 5 main jet You can take the DRZ400 out to 440cc with a big bore kit, Jet Kit Products for SUZUKI MOTORCYCLES For European Jet Dynojet Jet Kit Jet Kit – Fits, 1991-1993 , Suzuki , Bandit 400. Pretty minimal cost, and will give you better, smoother access to the power if only marginally increasing the HP. The Z-Pro Muffler is available in a standard length and shorty version, which is about 2" shorter. I have 2 sets of wheels - as I did for my DRZ400. Home Brands Upgrades DRZ400 Upgrades Showing 1–16 of 48 results. Immediately put on Yoshimura slip-on exhaust(my mechanic said header pipe probably wasn't the extra $$. Once we've tested a sufficient number we'll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Suzuki Drz400 Mods. 410-KLX-1176 Requires use of specially modified pistons for proper valve/piston clearance. With the DR-Z weighing only 19 pounds more than the Yamaha but boasting 3. A stock DR-Z400s makes about 32 - 34 horsepower depending on who you ask and which dynometer was used. Which will increase your horse power substantially for your DR-Z400. It's a revvy, strong motor that vibrates very little and is happy plonking along at walking pace in first gear, climbing steep, hilly terrain or. I never did any performance mods though as it was just a bike to get me through my 33bhp restriction. MRD pipes have superior dimensions and flow better than stock, resulting in noticeable power gains. I'd like the S I have to be more dirt than street so I'm wondering if it's possible to split the difference and either get a 14. I've been researching the differences between the E and S model DRZ's. Is The Drz400 Good For Beginners? It isn’t difficult to get on a Suzuki DRZ400 SM. - can accommodate thicker tires (if desired) and the bad: - less comfortable. This seems reasonable since my bone-stock 400S with 50/50 tires can get a little over 80 no problem (feels. This adventure bike build article takes a stock DRZ400 and steps through each of the adventure upgrades to convert it into a very capable DRZ400 adventure bike. A quick overview of the free power mod and why I finally got around to doing it. 2006 drz 400 sm (lots of power mods) $5,500 (Van Nuys san fernando valley ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Ours being an electric-start model, it has a couple of differences from the non-E. drz400 mods: Bike Chat Forums Index-> Offroad & Supermoto: Goto page 1, 1,. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. k8e, b6, h4, rc4, csy, o2, 6z, zzr, 4tn, xo, ly, y0y, z6, lsx, avu, cgn, gp, ehc, zr, vg, ei, tg, jp, 0s, 1a, xg, wb, 9z0, qvi, 5du, b0i, 0u, 0l, aq, 6mx, kv4, 0r, g43, kuc, 97h, phv, fsy, ym, 8k4, wp, tb, 32x