Solex CarbsCutting carbs is one really good way, and here are some tips. Solex 32 PBIC carburettor fuel inlet fitting originally fitted to M201. The Solex carb has LOTS of small openings and ports and junk WILL block fuel flowthis is just years of old fuel and junk building up inside of these carbs. Phone: +44 118 984 2811 Fax: +44 118 984 1709 Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Email:. Solex Carburettor Types FV and FH. Solex/Mikuni & Weber Carburetors. Showing 1–10 of 13 results Economy Solex 35mm Carb Kit with Electric Choke. Martin 280s Guest; Logged; Solex carbs. Those who are familiar with it know how much . We are also looking for a Solex Phh C35 workshop manual to get to know the carb better. Serving our valued customers for over 40 years. We can ship them "straight out of the box", or with our famous modifications to make them run even better. The thread of the carburetor sometimes becomes damaged, usually by repairing incorrectly. As on any transportable, the carburettor is an important part. Solex Pict-3 28/30/31/34 Rebuild kit. Solex carburetors became the company’s most. Overhaul Solex 32 Paita (Pajta) carburetor for Mercedes Ponton 190, b (W121) and 220S (W180). Setting the idle screws (B): Tighten the screw. Now In: Home → Carburetors → Weber IDA&IDS Carburetors. Carburetor SOLEX 32 PBIC perfo + modification. 3 2-barrel Solex 44PHH carburetor. From 1957, the dual barrel Zenith 32 NDIX were used, with few. Solex Carburetor Rebuild Kits & Parts - US Made Solex carburetor rebuild kits & parts including diaphragms and other related carburetor parts. 9/mar/2014 - They look like Webers but there Solex carbs. Our Contact Page can be found HERE. They made radiators, mostly for large trucks and buses, before and during World War 1. The car was owned by Jim Kaufmann, proprietor of 356 Carburetor Rescue, one of the top 356 Solex carburetor restorers. I am attaching the link which came up during my Advanced Search for Solex carburetor issues. We are a 44 year old carburetor and throttle body injection remanufacture with over 10,000. Solex 32PBIC rebuild kit, made in the USA from high quality ethanol ready parts. Find your high quality Solex Carburetors for your Willys Jeep vehicle at KaiserWillys. Everything shown in the photo is included in the kit, additional parts may be purchased by choosing your carburetor type in our main catalog. Basic Tuneup, and Adjustment of the Solex 34 PICT/3 Carburetor. Re: throttle plate setting at idle ( solex Carbs) On the 44PA1 carbs, yes, the idle speed adjust screw does adjust the throttle plates. Eric Lawson responded: "It is a Solex carb. BRAND NEW Kadron/EMPI/Solex 40/44 EIS Carb Kit, Type 1 EMPI 40K Kadron Style Dual Carburetor Kit, Type 1 These dual carburetors have proven themselves to be the absolute best bang for your buck for over 50 years now to improve performance and drivability of the stock VW engine. 34mm PDSIT Solex Venturi, 28mm, EACH **for CB Dual Solex Carburetors ONLY**. Provisions on solex carburetor ensure the supply of richer mixture at starting, and. Started by Martin 280s, 08 January 2010, 03:53 AM. The Solex carburetor is manufactured in India and is original equipment on some Jeeps built by Mahindra and other overseas licencees, including Hotchkiss in France. Note: The car works well with full throttle, . It's an enrichment device, and requires a different cold start technique. This procedure also applies to the 30PICT/1 and 28. Specializing in Kadron Solex H40/44EIS carbs, and PUMA™ Style Adjustable Front Narrowed Beams for Early Volkswagens. Once the leaks are stopped, the carb has to be set up right and ignition timing, plugs, wires and all that need to be looked at. Kit consists of two single barrel 40mm Solex carbs with 28mm venturis designed specifically for the VW air cooled engine, manifolds, Berg gaskets, . Are these carbs any good? Easy to maintain, reliable? thanks . Model is usually stamped under SOLEX on outside of float chamber. Sold as Individual Jets or in a Jet Assortment Kit. Diagram # 59 999-522-003-02 Carburetor Return Spring Solex 40 PII-4 99952200302. Depends on toe twitch, I think. Since the carburetors are located very close to the combustion chambers, cold starting enrichment devices are not needed. Solex carburetor rebuild kits & parts including diaphragms and other related carburetor parts. It was harder than I thought and reminded me how little I know about auto mechanics and especially carburetors. The Solex 40 P-II in solid and split shaft takes us from the 356 to the 912, and is a very popular carburetor with many parts available. Models are now available to fit all up right VW engines . 692-100-973-02 Carburetor Pump Rod for Split Shaft Solex 40PII Carburetors 912 1968 1969 69210097302. 2 Powered bicycles 2 Company timeline 3 References 4 External links History. This will reduce fuel wastage and reduce emission. This page is dedicated to Solex Carburetors, rebuild kits, rebuilds and restorations and maintained by Carb Junkys . Later, under this name, the Solex was built as a motor assisted bicycle. 0 % off) For Vw Solex Carb Rebuild Kit With Floats 28/30/34 Pict. Clean the carburetor, remove the intake silencer (AQ170), the flame arrester cover and the flame arrester. People digest simple carbs faster than complex ones, and both types provide the body with its energy. Multi-Jet Downdraft carburetor. Before taking your Solex 4a1 carburetor apart, evaluate your "patient" and prepare yourself understanding that a re-build is not as simple as swapping some gaskets. Although I think solex or holley would have been better i couldn't afford that much. I have a 1975 Westy with a EA code 1700 engine (type IV/914). After being ripped off twice by eBay Seller's, I'm desperate to purchase a set of Reasonable Solex Carb's to finish the restoration of my . We finally got my "rebuilt" solex dual carbs in to replace my progressive empi. We stock these for the Series I, II & IIa and also keep Genuine SOLEX and. I have put the Solex on a CJ-3A (4L-134) and a CJ-5 (4F-134). *Note- The "V" adapter on the air horn can be removed from this carburetor for use with a dry type aftermarket air cleaner. You will have to bend the tubing around to hook up the fuel line. EMPI 40/44 EIS Brosol, Solex, EIS & EMPI 40K VW Carburetor Needle & Seat, Select Size, Each. Dual 1 Barrel Carburetor Systems. Carbs all get fully disassembled, all parts cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, Alloy parts (bodies, covers, chokes, venturies get MIcro-polished to return the finish to like new or better). product code: acc-c10-6257 view detail. Hello everyone, Does anybody have any information on Solex Carbs for a 1750. On this page you will find our jets, emulsion tubes etc for Solex carburetors. What do the code letters in the Solex carburetor system stand for? For instance, a 28 ZIC means a 28mm diameter throat, but what does the . All carburetors have been restored in a manner described under our ‘Restoration. Please click HERE for an exploded . In Indian automobile engineering, Fiat cars are a most popular brand due to its very easy start in cold conditions. FV & FH Type SOLEX Carburettors - FITTING & INSTRUCTION BOOKLET No 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page numbers are from the original booklet and are retained for reference within the text of the sections FITTING Choice of Carburettor & Pictures Directions for Fitting Induction Pipe Parts for Assembly of Same Throttle Control Petrol Union. The carb has gotten a bad rap partially deserved and partially due to people’s inexperience setting it. com Solex Carburetor is a downdraught Carburetor. For additional help including rebuild videos, free manuals, and troubleshooting, please see our technical section. You are here › Home › Shop › Other Carburettor & Injection Parts › Kadron Keihin Nikki Pierburg Solex Stromberg SU Zenith › Solex Carburettors and Spares. This guide specifically addresses the Solex 34 PICT carburetor used on the 1971 – 74 VW. series carburettors having a single adjusting screw. I was just talking to another forum member about having an information pool on the Solex carb. This fits Single Port engines in VW bugs, VW vans, and even mild VW buggies. Note: You can NOT use this procedure for setting the Brosol H30/31, Solex 31PICT/3 or 34PICT/3,/4 carburettors. Those carburettors use a different. ~~~ Note: Before we begin to adjust the carburetor, the valves, points, and timing should be set. Solex: Tired and worn over the years of use; some parts difficult to find; some carbs on their third total rebuild and just can't take another one. You may wonder what makes carbs so hard to resist at times. Solex carburetor is tuned to change flow as per real requirement. Covers models 28PC1, 32PBIC, 36PDSI, 40PDSI, 40PDSIT, 474PHN-3, 32DIDTA, 34PICT, 38PDSI, 44PA1 and PDSIT. 000 carburetor parts in stock, ready to ship! Dellorto Shop - CarburettorShop - RicambiCarburatori - Carburettor Spare Parts Jets and Service Kits, Carburettor Spare Parts for Dellorto, Weber, Solex, Zenith, SU, Pierburg, Mikuni - Jets and Service Kits. Our Marine Carburetor Catalog includes Rochester, Holley, MerCarb, Weber, Carter, Solex, Nikki, Zenith and MerCruiser marine carburetors. Carburetors for domestic and import cars and trucks including computer controlled and. In Solex Carburetor, the Fuel chamber is the part that collects fuel from the fuel tank and stores it to create air-fuel mixture in the . Make sure that the surface of the carburetor mounting flange is smooth and not warped. Turn the carburetor upside down and make sure the throttle valves close completely with the idle screw turned out. Solex carburetor is widely used by many top European automobiles as like Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz. We handle only the best quality parts and accessories for air-cooled VW's. Even people mistakingly call them Webers, struth!. EMPI has redesigned and manufactured a new version the original Kadron Solex H40/44EIS carburetors, manufactiured originally by Brosol. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and are a more. Kadrons: These are Brazilian built Solex carbs. These are not reproductions, and not rebuilt. There are several other terms used to describe this style of carburetor such as; Side Draft, sidedraught, twin carb, twin barrel carburettor, dual barrel carburettor. This is important, and they should be. We offer K&N air filters for many Solex carburetors, from the PCI / PICT used on VW and Formula Vee, to the 40 P11 used on Porsche 912 and Super Vees. Contact Us Home FAQ's Technical My Account LoginRegister search 0$0 Carburetor Parts Applications Make & Model Scroll to see more Aero Coach Alfa Romeo American Bantam. Solex carburetor has an additional pump circuit for sudden acceleration requirement. Solex 4a1 carburetor re-build by Patryk Rebisz. We try to indicate the vital dimensions in the individual descriptions so that you are able to check this against what you find in your own carburetor. We sell only 100% brand-new carburetors manufactured by Weber,Solex, Brosal,Empi and Euromax. Solex 40PII-4: This dual barreled, single shaft, carburetor is used on Porsche 356 Super 90, SC's, and early 912 cars. Please make sure that the Fuel Pump is in good working order. acc-c10-6257 - main jet tuning set for brosol/solex carburetors - set includes 1 each of 6 sizes (127. Learn more about the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates here. The Solex is now found in many CJ-3Bs, including a 1999. This carburetor is used in may European automobile industries. The Bi-starter helps to cold starting of the vehicle. on the side of the carburettor. Solex Carburetor Pdf User Manuals. 25 psi Low Pressure, 9mm Fuel Filter Inlet and 7. Are these carbs any good or are they just junk . 34PICT, 38PDSI, 44PA1 and PDSIT. If not then look for the brand name(most likely Weber) and read everything . Solex carburetor is invented by Marcel Mennesson and Maurice Goddard, founder of Solex company. Solex carburetor is one of the modern carburetors and it is known for good performance, starting, and reliability. And his car brought me here! The attached heavily inspired my choices. Let’s discuss the construction and the working principle of the Solex Carburetor. The main drawback of simple carburetor is that it can not maintain different air-fuel mixture for different driving conditions but the Solex carburetor can provide different mixtures for different driving conditions. com/store/sladesbeetle/My Website: ht. Rebuild | Restore | Tuning | Jetting. Carburetor Carb Fit for Willys Jeep Solex Design Civilian L-head CJ2A 3A 1946-1971. I would think Any 110 motor should give about the same as mine, maybe even a little better. Owing to customer requests, we have recently added 28 PICT, 28 PICT-1, 28 PICT-2 and 30 PICT-1 carburetors to our line. Dual 34mm PDSIT Solex Carb Kit, 1300, 1500, and 1600cc Single Port Upright Engines provided fast starts in even the coldest weather, along with increased power and maximum fuel economy when you install this all new Dual 34mm Solex PDSIT Carb kit. David Jones, who was providing parts and service for Solex carbs as used on some SquareFour Ariels, has retired. And I am hoping these threads may be helpful for another individual who is also trying to learn about the Solex carburetor. Replacement Main and Idle Jets for EMPI and Solex-Style replacement carburetors and Solex/Brosol carburetors. On this page you will find all Solex related carburetor parts. The solex carburettor doesn't wear out quickly. Each kit comes with…10 pieces each of Main Jets from. This carburetor is used in may European automobile . Find amazing wholesale carburetors for auto engines. Turn the engine off, remove the spark arrestor, pump the throttle. complete units, thousands of parts, pieces and kits in stock. I was looking through the Hot VW's magazine lastnight and saw dual 35mm Solex carbs for $325. Lots of Q tips, Pipe cleaners, and carb cleaner was used to clean these up. For additional information see related tabs above. Solex carburetors were used by many European automobile companies and were . The induction throats are 40 mm (1. These can work very well, but I’m not a fan of their linkage (a form of the centerpull) – and they don’t give you the option of crossbar. On this page you will find all currently available parts for the Solex PHH range carburetors. It is also offered by parts dealers in North America as a replacement for the Carter carb originally found on Willys Jeeps. Let's discuss the construction and the working principle of the Solex Carburetor. 1972-1974 Dual Solex PDSIT Carburetor Adjustment Procedure The original factory dual carbs have been Great Mysteries to even some . Diagram # 64 PCG-100-951-00 Carburetor Diaphragm for. This type of carburetor has distinct fuel circuit for starting, idling, acceleration, low speed operations, etc. Every carburetor we sell has been tested by each manufacture and given 100% perfect condition stamp of approval. EMPI Performance Products Pict-3 34. It's possible to eat well and still eat healthy. 3340 Solex Carb - 30 PIC - Manual Choke 3341 Solex Carb - Electric Choke (30mm) 1967-1970 3345 Solex Carb - 30 PICT w/Adapter to fit 34 PICT Manifolds (Electric Choke) 6400 Weber IDF Carburetor - 40mm. Fast trouble free cold weather starts are assured with a brand new Electric Choke Solex Carburetor. VW Beetle Solex Carb Adjustment And Tips! Check out myTshirts, Stickers, And Apparel! Thank you! https://www. 3 Solex 1-barrel 40 DHW carburetor. Solex Jets and other calibrated parts for Carburetors. The answer too many people's prayers, Machine7 have now sourced rebuilt and reconditioned genuine Solex carburettors. Solex carburetors, widely used by many European makers, . Originally the carburettor to Solex was built for cars. Later, under this name, the Solex was built as a motor-assisted bicycle. Install a new inline Fuel Filter to prevent dirt and grit for contaminating the fuel circuits of the carburettor. Solex Carburetor is one of the famous Carburetor for the ease of starting the engine and the best performance of the engine. Buy Twin 34mm Solex Carbs with Electric Chokes (Twin Port Kit) - Limebug VW Engine, Carburetors and Fuel Systems and Carburetors and Kits - 010090013 . 2017 does have a Solex carburetor with no. A word of caution: most suspected carburetor problems usually turn out to be ignition problems. Once the mounting surface was clean, we placed the carburetor gasket over the mounting studs and then set the new Solex in place and gently and evenly tightened the two mounting nuts and lock washers down to secure the carburetor in place. We rigorously test them ourselves in our own personal vehicles. Empi 43-4400-6 Brosol/Solex 40mm Carburetor, Right Side--> $341. This is used mostly in the automobile engines. Is there anyone out there still using the 2-barrel Solex carbs on the modell 71 cars? The Weber on my car is a POSWas nice at first, . A warped mounting flange can cause a potential vacuum leak. exceptions, until the introduction of the SC and 912 models. Order your Weber Carb Replacement for Zenith/Solex - Bearmach BR 2238W ⛽ Fast, worldwide delivery ✈ British car experts ♚ PayPal & other payment options. We rebuild Solex carburettors for Classic VW Campervans, here in the U. Tags: Solex, carburetor, Identifying. I can't read what's there unless it's Made in ???. There should be a strong squirt of gas coming out of the hook that is located on the top. These carbs are imported directly from Brazil from Brosol, the manufacturer of Solex carbs. Rebuilt Solex Carbs Having difficulties with your carburetors?. The big difference is the choke. The Solex did not increase the power produced by either engine. From mild to wild, race to restoration, off. Unscrew the nuts securing the carburetor and lift off the carburetor. Any type Solex can be found on any build of these motors and any type can be set up to run on any motor. Special note about carburetors: Carburetors are non returnable. We offer Weber Carburetor & Solex full rebuilding & restoration. Those who are familiar with it know how much 'fun' it can be!. Solex carburetors are invented by Marcel Mennesson and Maurice Goudard founder of Solex company. Such big industries as Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz. Parts for Solex, Zenith, Weber, and PMO Carburetors We carry as many parts as we can for all of the Porsche carburetors. The setting of the idle screws differs between the earlier and later versions according to the chart. After the war, Solex shifted from radiators to making carburetors. Without the right cam, switching carburetors will not gain you any advantage. Short video regarding definition of carburettor, types of carburettor, its forms and explaining solex carburettor in detail. Carb Rebuild Kit Solex 34 PICT-3. Online Library Solex Carbs Manual Solex carb manual - Google Docs The Solex carburetor is available with earlier or later production versions of the butterfly valve housing. Help support British industry!. Solex began in 1905, as two young French engineers, Maurice Goudard and Marcel Mennesson, producing engine parts. The two smaller barrels feed the engine through most of the driving range, the larger barrels give the engine extra boost when needed. Economy Solex 35mm Carb Kit with Electric Choke SKU: 30435EC Categories: Solex Carburetor with electric choke , Solex Carburetors Tags: carb , carb-kits , carbs , carburetor , carburetor-kits $ 426. The Weber IDF 40 carbs are common replacement options on the Porsche 4 cylinder cars, although they were not factory equipment. German Solex 26VFIS or 28PCI with variable jetting depending on the year and application. Direct replacement for the original Solex 34PICT3 - comes with 70 Air Jet - 127. 8mm Pump Outlet (Adaptable for VW 5mm/7mm hose use). You 1st need to determine if it is the carburetor, or something electrical. Post Content *~*~* Paid Advertisement *~*~* Newest Comments. Yours are a little different but the linkage operation is pretty close to the same. There are a lot vintage Solex carburetors out there and it can be hard to figue out which model number is correct for your classic Volkswagen's engine. Weber Carburetor and Solex Restoration. It regularly happens that the nozzle of the Solex carburetor is clogging, especially when there is dirt in the fuel tank. Eurocarb Ltd Unit 2 Horseshoe Park Pangbourne Reading RG8 7JW United Kingdom. The Type 912 Porsche is equipped with two SOLEX 40 P II - 4 double-throat downdraft carburetors. 3 Solex 40 FIL downdraft carburetor. Most also came with an aluminum stamped tag on one of the screws that holds top on float chamber. Solex 32 Single Barrel Carburetor Parts Solex 32 PBIC carburetors were used on the early Porsche 356 and 356A models. 94 View Add to cart; Rebuild Kit for 35 PDSIT. Solex carburetor is famous for its performance, reliability, and ease of starting. The solex carburettor doesn’t wear out quickly. The figure shows a diagram of a downdraught solex carburetor. From Vintage to the modern manufactured models. Your 40+ year old carburetor will most likely have a number of issues that need to be solved before you can call your re-build a success. However, the carburetors on earlier models are similar so the general advice provided here should prove useful to owners of vintage VW’s. BUT: If you can get them rebuilt you have the carburation system designed specifically for the Porsche 1600 (beginning, IIRC, with the 356B S90) by all of those Porsche and Solex engineers. In both cases, the fuel line inlet is in a slightly different position. If I recall correctly, that carburetor has a spacer plate with two gaskets at the base. Solex Carb Tuning Workshop - Limebug Solex Carb Tuning Workshop Engine Area 1 - Fuel System 1. Solex Carburettors and Spares (14) Solex Carburettor Repair/Gasket Service Kits (53) Solex Complete Carburettors (1) Solex Carburettor Trumpets (2) Solex Carburettor Jets (2) Solex Carburettor Air Filters (16) Solex Carburettor Tools (4) Solex Carburettor Tuning Manuals/Books (1). Dual 40mm Solex Carb Kits Bolt on installation with our easy to follow Berg copyrighted instructions and the proper Bentley manual. We also installed the fuel fitting and then connected the rubber fuel supply line. They have 40mm throttle bodies, and larger ones are available as a configurable option. Solex 30 PICT/2 Carburetor Adjustment Procedures. Solex carburetors were used by many European automobile companies and were licensed to Japanese maker Mikuni. Home / CARBURETTOR & AIR FILTER. Cover the holes in the intake. Get fast starts in even the coldest weather, along with increased power and maximum fuel economy when you install this all new Dual 34mm Solex PDSI Carb kit . The history is this: My '46 which I purchased in Dec. Buying your solex carburetor from our collections means you will get a wide range of options and a good . This easy start is obtained by Solex Carburetor. This article reviews the current research on whether carbs are addictive, and what that means for their role in the human diet. com! Questions? Give Mike a call toll free 1-888-648-4923 Mon-Fri 9AM-5. Solex Carburetor Tips The Solex carburetor is manufactured in India and is original equipment on some Jeeps built by Mahindra and other overseas licencees, including Hotchkiss in France. c13-43-4403 - replacement float for 40mm empi brosol/solex kadron carburetor Product Code: C13-43-4403 View Detail List Price: USD $34. We are still very much expanding our offerings for these carburettors so please contact us by email if the set that you are looking for is not yet listed. NLA-108-200-00 Performance Air Filters (Pair) for Solex 40 for 356 Super 90 SC and 912 61610820000 NLA10820000. 00 In Stock - No Sales Tax Free Shipping. Mileage-wise on the road I get 22, 23, around town 16 - 17. Solex 4a1 is a 4 barrel carburetor. Opposite Side (15 Dec 2010) The same crud was on the bottom of both sides of the float bowl. You should get some help on this job. Early Super 90 carbs had a tall, narrow breather tube. We use only new parts and the remanufactured marine carburetor is coated with a long lasting Aluminum Oxide finish and. Carburetor parts Originally the carburettor to Solex was built for cars. Solex carburetters for Series I, II and IIa. 3 Solex 32PBI-6 downdraft carburetor. KIPA Carburetor Rebuild kit For VW SOLEX Brosol Bocar EMPI 28 30 34 PICT-3 Stock Carburetor Repair, With Float & 12V Cut off Valve Solenoid, Durable Top Quality. Solex is a French manufacturer of carburetors and the powered bicycle VéloSoleX. I have a 009 distributor and a electronic fuel pump. The Solex is now found in many CJ-3Bs, including a 1999 installation in Rolfe French. They are the only correct carburetter for all early 4-cylinder Land-Rovers and will make your engine run more smoothly than you can imagine. Anyway I have done away with that carb and got me a factory 34 3 bocar. thanks, i have taken the top off the carb and the float was just floating just as pretty. Solex carburetor is a downdraught carburetor. Subject to approval of credit application. Let us help you with your needs! AUTOMOTIVE. Solex carbs were the first choice for the early Porsche cars, utilizing the single. Solex Carburetor PC: mooreparts. In downdraught carburetor, the air enters from the top and leaves from the bottom. Solex carbs for BugattiSolex carb and carb body FOR SALESolex 35 - 40 FVS - 42 mmSolex carb body Sell to. View online or download Solex Carburetor Selection And Tuning. The Solex carburetor is manufactured in India and is original equipment on some Jeeps built by Mahindra and other . Area 2 – Carburetor Installation & Adjustment. Kit consists of two single barrel 40mm Solex carbs with 28mm venturis designed specifically for the VW air cooled engine, manifolds, Berg gaskets, air cleaners, balance tube hose, fuel line, fuel line "T" and linkage. Arguments surrounding carbs and their role in optima. Get it Wed, Nov 3 - Tue, Nov 9. Be sure the two mounting studs in the Carburetor are firmly installed so that they do not turn when tightening the hex nuts. This manual tells you how to calculate the size of Solex carburetor needed for a given engine, and how to estimate the proper jet sizes and settings. SOLEX Carbs & Parts · Solex Carburettors and Spares (14) · Solex Carburettor Repair/Gasket Service Kits (53) · Solex Complete Carburettors (1) · Solex Carburettor . barrel 32 PBJ, PBIC, and PICB carbs on normal engines, and the 40 PICB/PBIC. The kit features a see-though EMPI box with compartments for each Jet Size and a Legend on the inside cover. Disconnect the fuel line and the speed cable from the carburetor. Solex Carbs The #3345 at is the same carb as the #3341, except it fits the '71-later original 34mm manifolds for the 1600 Dual Port engines. FUEL INLET BANJO SCREW SOLEX CARBURETOR. We only deal with original factory carburetors, i. Teammccalla replied: Jerome and his wife are great people. * Example payment is based on the listed product price assuming a 24-month loan term and a 9. This method will also work for the 30PICT/3, 30PICT/4, 31PICT/4, 31PICT/3 and H30/31 carburetors with the two adjusting screws in the left side. This table provides a list of the common Solex carb part numbers and indicates which VW engine originally used that carburetor. Fits Solex 40PII as fitted to 356 Super 90 And SC 1960-65 912 1965-69 NOS Kamax / Karro with Correct Plating 61610810602 NLA10810602. y0, ze, aa, vob, 8t, pzs, 699, 5u5, y9s, vtj, wo, nsn, eo, 9xc, wc, ah, r71, xnw, gf, c1, 2x, s7, dz0, 2q, v0, xc, w4, vy, dv8, sy0, 0h4