Yandere Merman X ReaderFree! (Yandere! Haruka x Reader) There was one thing that Haruka loved more than the water…or obsessed…was (Y/n). I was with my family at the beach and me being so adventurous I went exploring and I found a cave and me being me I went inside and found part of the ocean in front of it and it was so beautiful and I was so distracted by the caves beauty that I didn't see the eyes poking out of the water behind a rock just watching. Like The Tide // yandere merman Izuku x Reader weebsinstash: “I just had to do something for MerMay, and since I haven't done anything for . Discord members also get a special discount. Read Yandere Merman x child reader from the story (•Yandere M. Tw: yandere behavior, death and sad and dark elements, I did this cos got emotional by listening to this music!. Warning: Toxic Relationships, Dark Themes. Zoro x Reader- Crew Catching Them Having Sex. Language: English Words: 2,245 Chapters: 1/1 amajiki tamaki amajiki x reader tamaki x reader mha headcanons amajiki tamaki headcanons bnha fanfic mha x reader pocky answers pocky writes ah yes it's all coming together now 86 notes Open in app Yandere x reader lemon deviantart Yandere x reader lemon deviantart Yandere merman x reader lemon. when you accidentally hurt yourself; mcyt x reader. Discover more posts about yandere-erasermic-x-reader. You were just a child when it all happened, your pearl necklace that your grandmother gave you got lost in sea when you were swimming at the . abuse adventure creature creatures dark fantasy jealousy kraken love merfolk merman monster monsters mythicalcreatures mythology obsession ocean reader . After the discovery of mermaids, (Y/n) (L/n) explores the deep turquoise ocean, only to witness the capture of a merman who've seduced hunters into the abyssal, darker part of the sea. ~A merman Jin would be someone who was extremely territorial. Where did the voice come from, and how will he react to a new-and unexpected-stargazing partner?. yandere merman x reader的運費、客服和退貨,的和這樣回答,找yandere merman x . Yandere x reader one shots wattpad American flag (BNHA x creepypasta reader Jan 6, 2017 - Read Yandere Male Reader X Sasuke Part 1. yandere merman; yandere crossdresser; Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-04-26 Updated: 2021-04-26 Words: 6840 Chapters: 4/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 31 Bookmarks: 1 [Gender Neutral Reader] A collection of Yandere OCs x Reader. Chapter 5: yandere merman childe I Summary: This is a little dark and I would encourage you not to read further if drowning upsets you, but assuming reader refuses, I like the idea of Childe dragging you into the water by your lovely, pearl-adorned ankles and holding you underwater, hugging your body back against his, and clamping a hand. Madara, Obito, Itachi, Sasuke - all alive at the same time with some members moving deeper into the shadows once they've "passed", but the term isn't what mortals. But here's the problem that he had, (Y/n) is in a romantic relationship with his best friend Rin. Mar 25, 2021 · Yandere merman x reader lemon. ! Loki is a cozy little town with nothing too interesting going on most of the famous billionaire, Wayne Angst ) - Oreosmama /a > Radio ( Yandere Merman x Stories Yandere Pose Base within his reach except the ability to have children of his own an epiphany dawned upon. Yandere merman x reader | Yandere one shots - Quotev. Horror Romance Yandere Fantasy Reader Insert Death Merman Magic After the discovery of mermaids, (Y/n) (L/n) explores the deep turquoise ocean, only to witness the capture of a merman who've seduced hunters into the abyssal, darker part of the sea. 4k Tags: Fluff, mentions of injury You get up in the night to try and find some painkillers, only to find someone else Tags: stubborn!Reader, slight angst, misunderstandings, Hanji is a pest, Levi is vulnerable. Yandereplier/Reader; yandere/reader; mermaid/reader; merman/reader; Yandereplier - Character; Yandereiplier; Reader; Yandere - Character; Mermaid - Character; merman - Character; Mild character death; i mean the character drowns; but they're a side character it happens; Yandere; is a jealous baby; also yandere is they/them bc thats just how i. They can be as simple as your age or as complex as your deepest fear, as long as it's something you're comfortable with sharing. Yandere Kraken merman x reader. Ayang, Kawin Lagi Yuk! < SugarMommy> Ch. BUY A YANDERE SHIRT: https://teespring. After some light mocking, Hanji bets you can't. Yandere! JJBA x Fem! Reader One Shots˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ "This journey has certainly been a bizarre adventure" Book Cover By : @Zero_Gravity20. Please note posts may have elements of kidnapping, violence, and other dark characteristics. Yandere! Merman Bridal Style Headcanons •When he sees you from the water, he wishes he can just tackle you with a hug, but he can'tBut the moment you pick him up in your arms, he can feel his heart melt. [Yandere killers x reader] Forcibly taken from the world you've known, you are forced to become the prey of the Salvation — a cruel game where a vampire Yandere x reader lemon tumblr Since 1995, MultiChoice has been quietly getting on with the business of bringing you Yandere vampire x reader lemon forced. Pokemon Bois X Reader One Shots Drunk Gold X Reader Wattpad. Pasifica (yandere merman X reader) - skye - Wattpad. 18 year old (y/n) had a love for the ocean and all the creatures that lived in it, but little did she know one of the creatures loved her . Search: Yandere x reader one shots wattpad. I did try a draft to try writing the request butThe "Albino!reader" Sorry for declining this request anon… Im not comfortable with putting fanfics yet that has FULL STORIES because im bad at it. Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick. About female reader x bully Yandere. Have a filthy scenario that's been stuck in my pussy for awhile. My Yandere Girlfriend Won't Let Me Sleep. What happens if you're inner most possessive characters surfaces? The thin line between sanity and insanity. Warnings: hint of a mentions of sex (if you squint). Đây là một Oneshots nước ngoài và được tác giả cho phép bản quyền. There will be some profanity so I'm sorry!. Yandere!Flirty!Dominant!Akali x Fem!Maid!Reader. Thank you for requesting and reading :), feel free to share your thoughts :) yandere bts yandere x reader yandere kpop merman jin yandere . please consider: yandere siren & darling. (UNEDITED) When Y/N gets a once-in-lifetime job opportunity, it turns out to be more of an endeavor than she could have imagined. it's no shock to be dealt with. (Name) Kamado was a beautiful young woman, born with the complexion that anyone would die. A fallen angel in an attempt to reconcile for his sins in order to reincarnate became (Y/N)'s classmate and partner. when he saw you, he was immediately taken away by your beauty. Yandere! Merman x Reader Most Impressive Ranking # 81 horror out of 199K stories Other Rankings # 629 fanfiction out of 1M stories # 178 anime out of 214K stories # 391 xreader out of 138K stories # 427 ốc out of 57. Your fingers traced the red outline of the book, feeling the pages within. Reader•) •Oneshots• by CrazyKawaiiChan with 20,386 reads. After he heard your words, green stripes appeared in his face, it meant that he felt in safety, to put it in other words, he underestimated you and just laughed. Will ignore you until you let him win a few times. 'I never thought the small boy I met that day would turn into the beast. Siren x Reader) January 30, 2020 Fae. Courting Rituals (Yandere Merman! Shoto Todoroki x Reader) “Do you ever get lonely out here?” Keeping your grip on the fishing rod secure, . At least one figurine depicts him with completely orange hair. 7K stories # 214 gore out of 28. After your 10th win, you are pretty much dead to him now. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. 4k) falling in love with bucky barnes was surely a pleasant surprise, but never had you imagined your tiny friend to. Anonymous said: What about a Yandere!Merman!JK and Mermaid!reader where they are childhood friends and mate Jungkook x shy!female!reader. I still will be writing for the dsmp, just no longer 'x readers' and no longer on. Yandere Merman X Reader - Quotev. To try and warn her, but it was too late. Due to a series turn of events, the two became good friends, unconsciously unravelling each other's secrets. Yandere!Boyfriend x Reader (+ Yandere!Girlfriend). Read comics, webcomics, manga, and manhwa online or download the WEBTOON app. Results 1 - 40 of 156 Yandere Boyfriend X Reader Oneshot Yandere X Reader Lemon lemon 2020 年2月21日 Creepypasta X Male Reader Forced Lemon with www. Games - Yandere Karma x reader "We will kill you, Koro-sensei!", You exclaimed in front of the yellow octopus-like-creature. It's an arranged marriage and Malleus was okay with it before he met you - it was his duty to create a bloodline to help his country prosper. warnings: praise kink, rim job, hawks cumming like a virgin teen. I'm the independent game developer making Yandere Simulator!. Ongoing, First published Jul 31, 2019. Published July 14, 2018 · Updated January 6, 2019. Video made by Thomas B on YouTube. Make The Exorcist Fall In Love Chapter 10 Chapter 10. Rather use the mobile app? Open · Get it on Google Play. (Yandere Dazai x Naive!Reader) Synopsis: One of your friends thinks Dazai is controlling. Read Yandere Connor x Male Human Reader (Detroit Become Human) from the story Yandere Male x Male Reader Book 7 by KitsuneOfNightmares (Kita Eliza) with 於 www. on her journey across the seas to find her father and unravel the. like he couldn't even fathom someone could be that beautiful. Use this subreddit to discuss, share, and post content about yandere in anime/manga, real life, assorted Western media, etc. Yandere x Reader 127 truyện liên quan genshinimpact, reader, tokyorevengers, xreader, yandere, kho truyện tổng hợp hay nhất. (Nov 18, 2020) Yandere x reader lemon forced wattpad read yanderemori x reader x 049 Crush x Reader don. Preventing the Making of a Tyrant Ch. — Hawks x Reader-Mommy Kink (18+). But, may I bid you farewell as you scan your eyes opon this (horrible) story. Truyện mang chút yếu tố kinh dị, máu me. OS: Third person in addition to Sumi and Taka finds Alucard tied up with the bodies of Sumi and Taka around him and they have to comfort Alucard. Đem truyện đi đâu không cần hỏi, miễn sao nhớ. Requests are Closed! Commissions are Open! Nsfw and Sfw Requests are Separate. His hair is wavy, and depicted at times as being two-toned; a lighter blond on top, with more of an orange (or darker blond) shade on the bottom and tips. He has violet eyes, though they have also been colored blue in some of the official art featuring him. All sound effects came from Soundbible. "(Y/N)! Over here!" Yandere! Merman x Reader - Prologue. jealousy, yanderexreader, reader. At times the time-traveling events might cause a bit of disorientation but the author did his/her best to get readers back on track before we start sweating . Soft!Yandere Hoseok: he's jealous of your friends. 18+ blog dedicated to writing gojo satoru x reader fanfiction! Header created by me. "Do you ever get lonely out here?" Keeping your grip on the fishing rod secure, you turned to look at your companion. Get notified when Pasifica (yandere merman X reader) is updated. Instead of being a man or a woman, you are an alpha, a beta, or an omega; classifications based on precise physical and behavioral characteristics. Boyfriend x Reader cuddling headcanons. Along with the official demo of Yandere Simulator, Osana was released in the August 31st, 2020 Build. Adding to that all, you don't even know how you survived up to now. au Yandere todoroki x reader lemon wattpad Yandere Merman X . It's 2024, the oceans are suffering. Yandere Simulator is still in development, but you can download a demo! There are two ways to download the demo Yandere Simulator does not contain pornographic content, but it is intended to be played by adults. One Punch Man: Saitama: My Hero- Saitama x Reader Lemon NSFW. ← Back to Free Manga Read Online. And you don't know how to return to your universe. Merman! Alpha! Izuku Midoriya x Omega! Reader. See more ideas about readers, undertale, undertale au. Read manga online for free at MangaDex with no ads, high quality images and support scanlation groups! you lost me I have no idea what scrolling has to do with not being able to find the reader menu as it more of a visual thing (arrow at the far right of the screen) anyways if you're somehow. Neko x Reader (Lemon) So, because I spend alot of time writing/scribbling about this monster blog, my Boyfriend was interested in an attempt at writing a short story about one of the monsters. 18 year old (y/n) had a love for the ocean and all the creatures that lived in it, but little did she know one of the creatures loved her. Every night, Haruka Nanase would go down to the beach where he would watch the glittering stars in the endless sky. 6K stories # 11 remake out of 1. Quickly, you were broken from your trance as you tried desperately to make your way back to your professor. Yandere! Area 51 Alien x Darling! Reader *The reader is one of the many people who joined the raid of area 51 on September 20 *As they run towards the gates, the guards gunned the raider's down. Mihawk: Dove- Yandere!Mihawk x Reader fluff. Yandere with a Half-Demon S/O - Headcannons. OS: Cho's daughter comes to avenger her mother, but falls for a lonely Alucard. Originally posted by deku-smash. Details: Oceanic love (Yandere Merman x Reader) Y/n had always loved the ocean and never really understood the stories her mother told her as a child. Y/n is a very open minded mermaid, she's always wanted to go and see what the big world has to offe. Yandere!Female!Futa!Shao Kahn x Fem!Slave!Reader. "Although I sink, my heart still floats" -12-31-17-. Yandere Lucy and Juvia x Futa!Tomboy!Reader. An investigator such as yourself truly is Rize's most entertaining prey. This is simply about a teller. Inky Romance *Yandere Book X Reader* 13 parts Ongoing. Yandere Twisted Wonderland x Reader tri3tri. I find it more difficult to be proud of my work after writing so much and started comparing my writings' value to notes and other writers. Idk how this happened, but this became highkey-lowkey yandere and uhhhhhhhhhhhh oopsie. Yandere Merman X Reader Lemon It's 2024, the oceans are suffering. 107 notes | 9:01am 12 Jun 2018 Tagged: #mod chiaki #yandere #nsfw #nagito komaeda #izuru kamukura #x reader #headcanons. This is simply about a teller named Y/N, who has pulled the strings of the merman's heart. yandere - Ghost_of_lacy - Wattpad. Yandere Simulator's development began on March 31st, 2014. See, that's what the app is perfect for. I love the idea of yan monsterboys getting you to give up some aspect of your humanity so you can be with them forever, whether it's physically altering yourself for them (this is reversed but one concept I love is a human yandere boy convincing an angel!reader to cut off their wings so you could never fly away from him you'll be by his side forever, he says, as he tends to. Yandere Fem Eren Yeager x Male Reader - wattpad. The Ticking Heart (Yandere Creatures x Reade 5 parts Ongoing A world filled to the brim full of mechanical contraptions and gadgets. 18 year old (y/n) had a love for the ocean and all the creatures that lived in it, but little did she know one of the creatures loved her back maybe a little too much Read to find out what happens!. Merman x Reader by kiaraqt () with 22,509 reads. "Makima!reader" I think her personality is very complex and I think I cant put 'accurate' info on how she acts. This short story isn't narratived with a "once opon a time" at the beginning and a "happily ever after" for its ending. Yandere!Daenerys Targaryen x Fem!Dragon Shifter!Reader. Medical Kink Prussia x Reader NSFW. Mas Yandere Terobsesi sama Aku Penzacafe Ch. au Yandere todoroki x reader lemon wattpad Yandere Merman X Reader wattpad Corruptmonk is a fanfiction author that has Forced Bully bakugou x . Yandere x shy reader lemon forced. Видео Taken by a Yandere Merman!. They got together several months ago and are still together happily; but Haru was going to change that permanently. Once you bear his mark, you were his, there was nothing else to it. Please listen to the video for better imagination of the following story. Follow/Fav Stargazers -- Haru x Merman Reader. Ore Dake Mi Nai to xx Shichau zo. /r/Yandere is a place for those interested in and who identify with yandere. Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant!Dead!Reader. Y/n is a very open minded mermaid, she's always wanted to go and see what the big world has to offe You may also like. Loki is a god in Norse yandere billionaire x reader an. Chuyện quan trọng phải nhắc 3 lần. That means that today is the 8th anniversary of Yandere Sim's development! Last month, an artist with a phenomenal talent for drawing manga contacted me and volunteered to create artwork for Yandere Simulator. pairing ; bucky barnes x reader (gender-neutral) wc ; 113. OS: Cho's daughter comes to avenger her mother, but is captured by an obsessive Yandere!Alucard. Right before you were large, jagged rocks thrusting out of the ocean and your boat was heading right for them. bokunoheroacademia, love, hero. Below the Surface (Merman x M!Reader) Troll Hunter (M!Troll x Reader) A Friend in Need (M!Naga X Reader) A Walk in the Woods (M!Fairy X Reader) Suffocation (Incubus x Reader) Sacrifice ( God x Reader ) Haunted ( M!Shiryō x Reader) Blood Moon II (F!Vampire x Reader) T T Info. Yandere! Merman Bridal Style Headcanons •When he sees you from the water, he wishes he can just tackle you with a hug, but he can't. Choose your favorite theme, light or dark. When you're done and if you want to, send this to 10 people you want to get to know better! Tagged by : @xo-stardust720 (thank you <3). But he wasn't in any of the doorways either. 46 pages · 55,946 reads Report. He is the second tallest of the five Nordics and is often shown carrying around a large axe in artwork. and he is worse than ever! Yandere X Reader story! Guardian's Obsession (Yandere Naga x Reader). Merman's Possession (Yandere! Merman x Reader) Preview. humans are considered inferior to neighboring species, an example being sirens, also a prominent party on earth. after all, seventy-one percent of the earth is covered by the ocean. One evening, he notices a song from the distant ocean. Read your favorite manga scans and scanlations online at Manga Reader Read Manga Online, Absolutely Free and Updated Daily. Yandere merman x reader lemon Open cheap psycho yandere ych mashmelllotrash 26 30 yandereakaya msmysterouslady 5 36 yanderejamaica msmysterouslady 3 0 dont worry ayame the miner 1 0 halloween insane base tobitank 1678 184 yandere base taartje123 465 49 yandere base 2 taartje123 1078 102 base 90 darkdeath6136 1529 183 base 29 chao bases 281 26. About Reader Prince Lemon X Yandere. A series of volcanos have been erupting all around the world, Hawaii's and Russia's being the worst. He notices but doesn't say anything because he's won and can tease you freely. Yandere Kanojo ni Nemura Sete Moraenai. Reader•) •Oneshots• by CrazyKawaiiChan with 20643 reads. Suddenly, you see a giant tail splash water at you, which pulled you out of your thoughts. Characters: Werewolf! Bakugo, Mermaid!. Yandere! Merman x Reader - Prologue "Although I sink, my heart still floats" -12-31-17-Article by Wattpad. Y/n is a very open minded mermaid, she's always wanted to go and see what the big world has to offe 𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄| Yandere wendigo X reader. Yandere Velvet x Rabbit!Faunus!Reader. 6k and counting ! a series that follows the hero galvano through the events of the mcu! individual warnings included for each chapter <3. you don't remember when the trades began. Master list! Here you will find all my stories! I put a read more because it's pretty long! Enjoy! [[MORE]] Todoroki: Cinderella Reader Cinderella Reader part 2 Cinderella Reader part 3. Merman! Yandere! Scotland x Reader. Denmark has short, wild blond hair and blue eyes. au Yandere todoroki x reader lemon wattpad Yandere Merman X Reader wattpad Corruptmonk is a fanfiction author that has Forced Lemon Creepypasta X Reader One (+Yandere) Creepypasta X Reader One-Shots! -NO MORE REQUESTING-. " He walked off from your broken house, your memories and hopes of a good life gone. when you wear their hoodie; mcyt x reader. Aug 23, 2019 - Read Prologue from the story Yandere! Merman x Reader by kiaraqt (🍒) with 23,898 reads. #yandere bts #yandere jungkook #yandere x reader #yandere lemon #yandere smut #bts #bts jungkook #jungkook x reader #yandere au #bts yandere #yandere fic #yandere headcannons #yandere writing. I am so sorry! Yandere cheater x reader. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds. He would not allow anyone else to have you, or you to defy him as your mate; once the mark was etched onto your skin, you belonged to him, end of story. Levi Ackerman x Reader Masterlist 3AM "Words: 1. #yandere+shark+merman+x+reader on Tumblr. pairing: zhongli x adeptus male reader. My Sweet Wife and Our Spider Child - Story - Part 2. (Name) was a girl who just Yandere merman x reader 21 parts Ongoing Y/n is a very open minded mermaid, she's always wanted to go and see what the big world has to offe 𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄| Yandere wendigo X reader. ~Due to the cruel nature of the world you were born in. You had been working at the Marine Magestics Company for a while now. Read hottest manga online for free, feel the best experience 100%! Manga Tag: Yandere. Apr 28, 2018 - Read Yandere! Mondo Oowada x Fem! Reader from the story Danganronpa Lemons by princessplaying (w e d e a d) with 15,436 reads. If it's an anime that interests you please go watch the film while it's in cinema's! It made the whole experience 10X better. Yandere x reader lemon deviantart Yandere x reader lemon deviantart Yandere merman x reader lemon Yandere merman x reader lemon Bully hetalia x bullied reader wattpad Dec 10, 2018 - Read Yandere Kiibo x Reader from the story Danganronpa V3 X Reader (One Shot) by _Musically_Anthony_ ("I am thou, thou art I They're back and have gotten an upgrade. Yandere!Korekiyo Shinguuji x Fem!S/O x Gonta Gokuhara kidnaps both of you and makes Gonta his slave! Fem!Reader, Kaede, & Himiko tricked into bath-house by Ouma, & get locked in there w/ the bathing V3 Boys! Slight NSFW! V3 Cast getting in a food fight!. Chapter 63: Under Pressure [Yandere! Jade Leech x Reader] Notes: Mafia trope is my jam, and mafia family? Delicious~ I hc Leech parents as this aloof yet tough guy + friendly yet shady girl, and that's how I'm gonna portray them. We will still update our original masterlists with our stories but this is our way of showing support for the group and members. Discover more posts about yandere+shark+merman+x+reader. Browse through and read or take yandere merman x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. dream: it doesn't matter how small the wound is, even if it's a scratch, clay will pick you up and carry you in a princess hold and onto a counter. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. ⚠️[Warning: Yandere behavior and mindsets, general discard for civilian employees, violence, and death ]⚠️. Possessive Alastor X Reader Lemon. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. com They are all under a creative commons attribution 3. com/stores/official-mirai-garu◖SEND A LETTER OR STUFF TO ME◗JadendayZeroPO BOX . A/N: This was lost on in my drafts but I found it!! A little break from all the Twisted "My childhood sweetheart, finally all mine. TW: Manipulation, Coercion, Implied Non-Consensual Drug Use, Unhealthy Relationships, and Monster- . This game is not appropriate for children. dream: the widest smile spreads onto his face. Atsugi, her one and only bully, would pick on her endlessly, whether it be physically or mentally. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Horror Romance Original Mermaid Ocean Adventure Siren Forced Merman Capture Reader Insert Yandere X Reader. A small cry emanated from you lips. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. "(Y/N)! Over here!" My head whipped to. One unfortunate merman tried to call him once, and you had to watch, mortified, as Jungkook killed him. However, I've lost interest in writing 'x readers'. " He placed a piece of sashimi on your plate. Imagine our dragon fae prince is truly only at Night Raven College for the worldly experience - he already has a fiancée at the Valley of Thorns picked out by his grandmother. My Dearest Sensei (Male Yandere x Reader). c'est pas bien ayano Saved by Cami. Where To Read Manhua? Japanese Manga (Manhwa Club). yandereiplier/reader · Yandereplier/Reader · yandere/reader · mermaid/reader · merman/reader . Various yandere one shots x reader. underfell sans x suicidal reader by animelover1014 on DeviantArt Jan 12, 2019 - Hetalia x female reader one-shots, two shots, and Songfics. Yandere Alarune x Reader^Deviant Art by SourShockX ⚠️[Warning NSFW, violence, death, yandere behavior]⚠️[[MORE]]• It was a gift from your narcissistic sister, something to be wary about from the. Blood in the water Part 2Pairing: merman!Steve Rogers x Reader Warnings: yandere, obsession, kidnapping, non-consensual drug use, brief mention of breeding, . The Uchiha x Citizen brainrot is strong with me today - consider a Vampire Clan!AU where they still considered an incredibly strong and versatile clan with the sharingan, but their clandestine secret is their vampirism. "Nagito what-" You watched as Nagito sped passed you and into your room. Reader x Genshin Boys NSFW Summary - You wear their shirt that's too big for you the morning after a steamy night Pairings - Fem!Reader x Xiao/Aether/Diluc. He wears a long black coat with red cuffs, a red shirt and black tie, red pants, and brown boots, as well as a small black hat. Yooo reader will be feeling all of the above you better prepare him some too since you probably took his virginity too it's a celebration for the both of you lol so for people who don't know sekihan is a japanese dish made with red beans and rice where its eaten during special occasions. 4K 379 by CrazyKawaiiChan A family was at the beach enjoying their vacation while the parents we're preparing for dinner their two children we're having fun near the ocean playing around "Look (y/n)! Here's another one! And over there! Look! It's super shiny!. Relationship(s): Gojo Satoru x GN!Reader. Последние твиты от YandereDev (@YandereDev). Yandere K/DA Females x Bullied!Fem!Reader Pt 2. Chapter 1: Table of Contents Chapter Text ┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *. Dokja was an average office worker whose sole interest was reading his favorite web novel 'Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse. What is Yandere x reader one shots wattpad. Let us rest…forever (Yandere Kraken merman x reader) What we do within these walls (harem x reader) (introduction) Something is coming (Yandere harem x reader) (introduction) masterlist list vampirehunterD vampire hunter d batfamily im tagging it idk what tags to use what's going on. Creature Feature (Yandere Creatures X Reader). warnings: NSFW, cunningulus, overstimulation, soft!dom nagito, begging, reader has female parts, gender neutral pronouns and names tho, reader is a crybaby, fluff, dacryphillia. She could never get used to his merman form, or. You were dearly hoping for a child, but he wasn't. Hm I dunno what to do with this one. Warning(s): Pregnancy, death, swearing — "If you don't abort that baby, I'm going to leave you. Originally posted by jojokincare. So, you have yandere men chasing after you. Although amongst the sea, he is gelid in and out, hatred seeping in his eyes. Nov 19, 2017 - Explore GalaxyNeko Animates's board "Au sanses x reader" on Pinterest. The life of (M/n) was a boring one. English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes in the fiction beforehand. " Your heart shattered at his words. › Get more: EconomyView Economy. "What the-" Your eyes widen when you realize that the being that splashed water at you is a. Yandere Merman x child reader 18. #yandere+merman · Follow · New post. vh, 03, 3h3, sd, 7p5, prz, sm, 72x, yld, wd, 2mp, tx, 9zw, dm2, lni, t4, e9x, hd, uf, eo, 6su, 6g, ujr, pjy, 01x, d9, 83, was, t7i, sf, i5, r2